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  1. Please tell the players that the COVID rules of maintaining six foot distance do not apply during the game. Also let them know that it’s ok to play with some passion and intensity.
  2. After watching Pinto tonight I wonder if he is 100% or did he just have a bad game ?
  3. Frightfully bad game. Passing was brutal. Not sure on the state of the ice but they need to be a lot better in that area. Missed a simply pass in the last 30 seconds for what would have been an empty netter, instead they ice it. Mismatch taking a stupid penalty behind the offensive goal line late in a one goal game can’t happen. Play that way against a good team and you lose by multiple goals. We’re at the halfway point of the regular season. Tons of room for improvement. Hope to see a large jump up in play next weekend against Denver. Now is the time to start building for the pl
  4. I wish the announcer would stop giving football score updates. Anyone can find the score in two seconds if they want to. Some may not want to hear the score cause they want to watch it later.
  5. I believe both Sanderson and Kleven are eligible for the world juniors next year.
  6. Outshot 23-4 in the last 30 minutes but it doesn’t matter that got the W. Fun game to watch.
  7. US only has 4 SOG in the last 20+ minutes. Need a bit more ozone action.
  8. Going to be difficult but 26 of the 41 goals came in two games. They’re averaging 3.75 goals/game in the other four. The US has 34 goals, 18 of those in two games, averaging 4.0 goals/game in the other four. The key to me is winning the special teams battle. If they lose that they lose the game. Definitely the underdog, they will need to play with the lead and not chase the game. Canada hasn’t been really tested yet late in a game. Looking forward to watching this one.
  9. Game time tomorrow is 8:30 CST. Go USA !!
  10. They’ll need to play better and smarter tomorrow to beat Canada. At least they made it to the gold medal game and they have a chance.
  11. Extremely bad unforced penalty on Caufield. Got to be smarter than that.
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