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  1. We need to get some turnovers here or the game is over.
  2. Hopefully this is a slow start fast finish type of game for UND today.
  3. Defense has been awful so far. The offense not much better til the last drive. The next possession for each team will determine if we have a game or not.
  4. UND 31-24 Bonus prediction: EWU 27 NDSU 21
  5. I sure hope UND can rescind his scholarship for this year. No freaking way he should be getting a free education this year when he bails on his teammates. Disgusting.
  6. Can someone please give me a rational explanation of why SDSU should be seeded above UND ? They are officially co-champions of the MVFC, both teams have only one loss and UND beat SDSU head-to-head. Seeding SDSU above UND makes no sense to me. Might as well pick teams out of hat then.
  7. By that rational we should be seeded higher than SDSU since we beat them head to head (and each team has only one loss). The logical seedings among these three teams should be: 1. UND (1 loss, beat SDSU) 2. SDSU (1 loss) 3. NDSU (2 losses)
  8. I was curious how often the NC$$ champion won their regular season conference title. Going back to 2000 only 7 teams have won their conference and gone on to win the national title. 2021 2 UMass 2019 2 Duluth 2018 3 Duluth 2017 1 Denver 2016 1 North Dakota 2015 2 Providence 2014 1 Union 2013 3 Yale 2012 1 BC 2011 4 Duluth 2010 2 BC 2009 1 BU 2008 4 BC 2007 4 Michigan State 2006 T2 Wisconsin 2005 T1 Denver 2004 4 Denver 2003 T2 Minnesota 2002 3 Minnesota 2001 1 BC 2000 2 North Dakota
  9. The play was definitely offsides but the offsides review got nullified by St. Cloud touching the puck after it entered the zone.
  10. Not sure why Duluth didn’t call a timeout in the OT when they were getting dominated.
  11. Duluth just can’t catch a break in tournament games.
  12. Luke Johnson with his 1st goal in the NHL just now.
  13. IMO, the key to making a run at #9 next year is Scheel, Pinto, and Sanderson all returning. We would then start the season with the leagues best goalie, best forward, and best defenseman.
  14. The vaccine won’t cause you to test positive on a COVID test. You may test positive for antibodies.
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