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  1. There was no interference on the catch, perfectly legal hit. The ref blew the call, it happens. The nfl has made a clusterf*** of replay. It seems too arbitrary what can be reviewed and what can’t. You must have a timeout left to challenge unless it is the last two minutes then you can’t challenge, it must come from the booth. They added pass interference this year to what can be challenged except no one knows what pass interference is. Ridiculous. Change the replay challenge rules. Allow anything to be challenged at anytime but only give each team two challenges for the game. If they want to challenge a holding call or hands to the face in the first quarter that’s fine. If they use their challenges up early and don’t have a challenge left with a minute to go then too bad, it was their choice to use them up earlier.
  2. It’s real close. Cornell lost their first game of the season tonight so that dropped them to third. UND and Mankato are extremely close in RPI which is usually the deciding factor in pairwise comparisons (unless one team has a two game or larger advantage in head to head). A few games not involving either team or even a top 10 team could decide who is 1.
  3. Halftime 25-23 UND Don’t know if video will continue after halftime. It looks like someone is broadcasting the game with their phone.
  4. Video: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ZkKzANkNpyxv
  5. You may be right. What a depressing thought.
  6. Normally I would agree. For the first time ever I will hope ndsu wins. If somehow Nicholls pulled the upset it would just give the AD a reason to keep Bubbba since they lost to a team that just beat ndsu. For UND to get to a championship level Bubba has to go. He is not the guy to do it. Unfortunately I suspect they will see it as progress that they made the playoffs and Bubba will be back. Just delays the inevitable that must happen if UND is going to compete for an FCS title. I certainly hope I’m wrong.
  7. Punt ?? Bubba just gave up. Way to go coach.
  8. What’s really sad is Nicholls State is not that good of a football team. Very average.
  9. There was a chance to make it a game.
  10. Can’t see a comeback in this one unless the defense can force a few turnovers.
  11. Four more field goals and we can take the lead.
  12. Maag has to make those grabs. Dropped two so far.
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