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  1. Dallas eliminates the Avs in double OT. Congrats to Zach Parise on a great NHL career.
  2. Agree. Had that been called a goal on the ice there is no way it’s overturned and Colorado would have no valid complaint.
  3. Boeser with a hat trick, including two goals in the final three minutes to tie the game. Going to OT 3-3.
  4. Stefan Diggs traded to Texans. All Buffalo could get was a 2nd rounder and they had to also give Houston a 5th rounder this year and a 6th round pick next year. He forced a trade from Minnesota and now Buffalo. What’s the over/under until he wants out of Houston? I’d say 3 years. Some players are never happy and are too big of a headache to have.
  5. Trip down memory lane. Fighting Sioux team from 2005-2006 season had six first rounders (technically Toews wasn’t drafted till after the season). G: Jordan Parise Aaron Walski Jean-Philippe Lamoureux D: Joe Finley (1) Taylor Chorney (2) Todd Alexander Zach Jones Brian Lee (1) Scott Foyt Kyle Radke Matt Smaby (2) Robbie Bina Lee Marvin F: T.J. Oshie (1) Brad Miller Jonathan Toews (1) Andrew Kozak (2) Rastislav Spirko Ryan Martens Travis Zajac (1) Ryan Duncan Rylan Kaip (9) Drew Stafford (1) Mike Prpich Matt Watkins (5) Eric Fabian Chis Porter (9)
  6. Someone needs to explain the challenge concept to the MSU coach. Pretty sure he doesn’t get it.
  7. Watching in slow motion was very close. Hard to tell from the angle we got. At that point in the game MSU should have challenged especially if they had a timeout which I believe they did. Bad coaching decision.
  8. Pretty hard to understand how that happens. Wide open in front.
  9. Someone blew their assignment for Michigan.
  10. Should have challenged that.
  11. Two regions done, two #1 seeds advance. Have we ever had a frozen four since they went to 16 teams where all four #1 seeds made it?
  12. Goofs going home…what a shame.
  13. Could you make the frozen four more unwatchable for me? Get the barf bags ready.
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