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  1. Failure to take advantage of the blocked punt was a huge turning point. We came out of the first have with a lot of momentum. Forced a 3 and out on the first series after halftime and then blocked the punt. Take over on the 15 yard line. First down Tommy just throws it away. Second down Q come in. Why at this point ? You’re in a compressed playing field and anyone paying attention knows a run is coming. Little to no chance of success. Q ends of gaining a yard setting up third and long in a tight playing field. Probability of success is not very high. Tommy comes back in, rolls to the right and throws it away. Then a blocked field goal. So much for momentum. That series is all on the coaches.
  2. I really hope I’m wrong but I don’t see UND winning this game. Would go against everything I’ve seen this season. If UND covers the line it will probably be due to a late TD in garbage time. To win this game the offense needs to open it up and throw downfield a lot more. Stop with all the 2 yard throws on 3rd and 8 hoping the receiver can break 3 tackles and pick up the first down.
  3. Wow. Not sure which was worse, our play or the camera work. Unbelievable.
  4. I know that link is there but when I select it I get nothing. I only see schedules for 1998-2020.
  5. Is the hockey schedule posted anywhere on this forum ?
  6. If you’re expecting UND to win a championship with Bubba as the head coach I’m afraid you are in for a long wait. I think Charlie Brown has a better chance of kicking the football.
  7. Amazing what can happen when you throw a pass more than 3 yards downfield.
  8. When Bubba clean house…Bubba should’ve gone.
  9. Our entire offense is run, trick plays, and 2-4 yard pass plays. Not too hard to come up with a defensive game plan.
  10. When you know the other team is going to run the ball and you can’t stop them you have problems. This loss is on the coaches and a offense that looked terrible.
  11. Conservative, conservative, conservative, reckless stupidity
  12. Are we going to play to win this game ? Or are we going to try not to lose it. Offense must play better and be more aggressive.
  13. He also was just short of 1000 games played…missed it by 998.
  14. rochsioux


    Where did you see that masks are required? All I can find is they are recommending that masks be worn by everyone.
  15. We need to get some turnovers here or the game is over.
  16. Hopefully this is a slow start fast finish type of game for UND today.
  17. Defense has been awful so far. The offense not much better til the last drive. The next possession for each team will determine if we have a game or not.
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