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Is the Alston payments a game changer? That’s yet to be seen, I believe this potentially is. My question is when could the Coaches discuss this with recruits? Not until basically last weekend? A month ago? Really interested in the recruiting landscape for Football this second half of the summer. Up until this point I believe UND has been 0-3 for recruits with competing offers that have chosen NDSU. All before the news broke of the Alston payment. My question being were they able to discuss before it went public.

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Recruits know they are told lots of "happy words" (hypotheticals); press reports and news releases, a school publicly going on the record, giving substance to the claims, changes the conversation. 

But yes, when this became public, your eyes do not deceive: things changed. 

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Alston vs NIL will be fascinating to follow over the next couple years. Trying to look at this objectively. 


  • Tailor to certain sports (No Title IX)
  • "Star" player


  • $ amount is in the sweet spot for Mid-Major (w/ FCOA = about 10K)
  • Message behind it
  • Tied to school, think it's way cleaner


My questions with the NIL before I would donate.

  • Do you know how much is in the collective.
  • How is the money being divided (think would be the big one)
  • Is there clear communication between the collective and the coaches

There just seems to be too much room for misinformation with collective. Getting everyone (collective to coach to player) on the same page, seems like it would be extremely challenging. 


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9 hours ago, nodak651 said:


Zero of the words that came out of his mouth are an actual surprise for anyone that knows him or at least of him. As someone else pointed out to me, classy to have your kickoff press conference at a bar. Maybe they will toss in the first round to players who don't transfer?
Unfortunately talk is cheap but funding this to the levels that he just laid out is for from that. However it looks like they saved some money by not spending it on logo design, so I guess that's a start?

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