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UND (9-17, 3-10) vs Omaha (7-19, 3-11) 1 PM


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This was the best win of the three, because they were able to get a win without playing their best basketball, they were able to grind out a win and got some big time plays down the stretch from Eaglestaff and Danielson.

Now... can they steal one on the road?

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49 minutes ago, sioux24/7 said:

I think that’s currently the expectation. Stop trying to drag down wins. 

That’s not though judging by the comments in this thread. People are acting like we just won the conference championship. It was great to get two wins and were fun games to be at but those were games we SHOULD win and should EXPECT to win. Let’s see performances like these against good teams and not bottom feeder teams and then we can go from there!

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2 hours ago, GoodGood said:

Fun game to be at. Hopefully the expectations are to beat teams ranked in the 300s moving forward. 

So UND had a tough game but won.  The team was below 300 ranking.  So you are unhappy them won?  Get a life or get a bisiozzz moniker.

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