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  1. Hans8891

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

    Defense looked great until late - can only handle so many 3 and outs on offense.... not all game long. Take out Santiago’s awesome 70 yard run and we had 150 yards of total offense. Starting receivers are slow and can’t separate. 40 percent passing and we stretched the field for a whopping 3 yards per catch. We don’t make adjustments in personnel or schemes. That offensive efficiency and creativity won’t get it done at any level. Defense was very encouraging but my hope is we were holding something back on offense or we are in for a long year. Special teams and kicking game??? Can’t even describe... Defense will be fine. Offensive personnel should be okay, but our schemes and execution have to improve by next week. Special teams need a miracle... optimistic but a long way to go...
  2. Hans8891

    Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    3rd and 11 to stay in the game. Let’s run it for no gain. Does Rudolph ever want to win?????
  3. Hans8891

    Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    2-13 3rd down conversions. Time to change that. Come on Zimmerman!!!!
  4. Hans8891

    Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Our fan group is starting a lottery on selecting UND offensive plays before they happen. Not working because EVERYBODY is correctly predicting the play before it happens. Must be tough to be an opposing defensive coordinator when you know every play before it happens. Rudolph has got to go....,
  5. Hans8891

    Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    3rf and 1. Johanneson on the sidelines. Seriously. Did Rudolph not learn anything from last week????
  6. Hans8891

    Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    3rd and goal at the 2 with Brady and Johanneson and we run that stupid sweep that hasn't worked all year. Seriously????
  7. Hans8891

    Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    With Reyes gone, we hardly have an upperclassmen left on defense. Will get better but will take time. Just too inexperienced and too small. Offensively it's nothing different than we always see and will continue to see under Rudolph. We just don't have the defense right now to bail him out for every three and out throughout the first half. 47 yards of offense until 4 minutes left in the first half doesn't help an injury decimated defense.
  8. Hans8891

    Gameday vs USD

    ....and 0-4 on 4th downs, although that includes one with seconds left in the game
  9. Hans8891

    Gameday vs USD

    When the entire UND cheering section is naming our play before it happens, it is not a stretch to assume the opposing defensive coordinator is doing the same. Given that Santiago is running into 9 in the box on virtually every run, it is not an accident. The d is struggling with injuries and youth, but the offense has an experienced line, a 4th year starting qb, 3 talented backs (two of whom we don't really use other than on obvious short yardage plays with 10 in the box), and a much improved receiving corps. A learning curve is expected on defense and they will improve with experience. Puzzled where we go on offense without a different strategy.