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DU @ UNDon't get swept Saturday thread.


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12 minutes ago, bcblues said:

Some dumb passing in our D zone.

The team captain talks about playing a full 60 minutes.  Really, this gets mentioned a lot.  And it is true.  However as Jake, mentioned tonight the passing that gets cutoff.  It is easy for an opponents coaches to identify how many passes UND makes.  They expect this and prepare a game plan to intercept the passes and transition the play.  UND has to be less predictable.  So many passes blocked  by the opponents.    

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Got outshot 14-3, lead game 1-0. 

Our d zone again raises concerns.  Things like stops and starts and playing inside out come to mind.  Judd got a goal but proceeded to release his guy defensively right in alone on the Swede after following him from the blue line in.  

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27 minutes ago, Esoteric said:

Great start to tonight’s game.  UND’s team has the make-up to run the table in the National Tournament.  However, they likely may not make it to the national tournament based on “Pairwise” if they do not quickly start turning their games into wins. 

So what you’re saying is that losing affects your Pairwise ranking adversely?  Someone should make the coaching staff aware of this!

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