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Questioning play calling, game management, progress, recruiting etc I understand. We aren’t winning enough and program doesn’t seem to be improving fast enough for many. If you question commitment to

Of course you know that no one is saying that at all.  If we need to play someone to make this season a success, by all means let's do that.  But to burn a game just to have him come in for one play a

Bubba just found a way to screw us out of the playoffs......but win 7 games so he keeps his job.  Brilliant work Bubba.....brilliant.  

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Just now, UNDBIZ said:

Leach with a good looking kick there. Fortunate on the PI call, as it looked like the ball was tipped prior to contact to me. D needs to figure it out at half and O needs to keep doing its thing without the occasional dumb decision. 

Linebacker missed the tip, it was a good PI call.

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Just now, Cratter said:

They don't convert UNC has the ball midfield with two timeouts left vs UNDs zero. Enough for them to get a field goal or touchdown.

Could have been a 10 point swing difference.

They'd have only had about 7 seconds though. 

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