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Back by Popular Demand: It's The Mystery Raffle!


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I was asked not once but twice in recent weeks about another SiouxSports.com Mystery Raffle.  In doing some research, it appears we haven't had one since August of 2017!  Usually I wait until further in the off-season to conduct these, but since I'm already foaming at the mouth for the 2019-2020 season to start, let's get this raffle going early!  

The Rules:  

The first rule of the Mystery Raffle is:  DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE MYSTERY RAFFLE.  The mystery items will remain a mystery even after the raffle.  Winners can post here that they received their item(s) and their general happiness in the item itself, but will not divulge on the board what the item was.  This helps secure the sanctity of future mystery raffles.  

Other than that, it's pretty simple.  Just post your screen name and how many tickets you would like.  Tickets for this particular item are $5 each and can be paid by Paypal or cash/check.  Don't worry about that now.  We'll deal with that when we get to the raffle end date, which is to be determined.  All tickets must be paid for before the mystery raffle will be held!  If I have to mail the item to you, don't worry, that will all be paid for.  Your only cost will be your entry fee.    

Hints on the mystery item?  Sure, I always offer up a few.  This particular item can be used in a couple of different ways  -- perhaps in a man-cave/Sioux museum, or maybe for a younger person -- and you can take that to the bank.  It might even make a good Christmas decoration.  This item is also custom-made and unique  -- in fact, I think I'll raffle off more than just one.  There will be THREE winners in this raffle -- I just need enough entries to make it happen.  We'll open the entry list now.  Good luck!      

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22 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

Mystery item sounds way better than the 4 packages of government block cheese I won the last time around.

Well, I'd say that was a pretty good ROI for only $150 in raffle tickets, don't you think?  :glare:

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