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UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM


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Greetings!  Welcome to another year of gameday thread by yours truly 

UND starts their 2018-19 campaign off with a non-conference matchup against Northland College.. a D3 school in Wisconsin.  These two played last year in a ho hum 78-41 victory for UND.

Taking a look at UND, you will see a lot of new faces on the team this year... 8 new players, including 6 freshman, have joined the squad and several will be expected to make a major impact right out of the gate.  UND returned a core 3 of Avants, Seales and Stewart that have plenty of starting experience and key reserves Brown and Walter. 

Hope to make these better as the season goes along.  Not much info to go off of right now.  Might have more after tonight. 

What I am interesting in seeing tonight?

It is always hard to take a good measure on these type of games, but I am excited to see some of the new players and what role they will play on this squad.  Are the Euros ready?  What can we see from Jal?  Are the juniors ready to take another step up?  Where will the 3 point shooting come from?

I hope to see a few potential answers tonight. 

I'm just excited for the season to start.  They should be fun to watch. 

Game is on ESPN3 and Fox College Sports

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8 hours ago, SkoHawks said:

I know the opponent wasn't the best, but how did some of the newcomers look? Anyone go?

Jal is freakishly athletic.

Moody is going to be a ton of fun to watch.

Cortez started hot, which we have seen before. He seems so streaky. One game he lights it up, another game you wonder if he his playing; but I look for him to has a good season.

Should be a fun team to watch, and I hope they can keep up with their schedule, because this seems like one of the better non-conference schedules we have had. Obviously we'll see some tough teams in the summit with the south dakota teams as well. Plenty of guys looked solid last night, though it was against a D3 school. Nice to see several guys hit the deep ball.

purely talent wise, I can't help but wonder what Geno could have added to this squad, and how that may have affected the dynamic of the team. Maybe they will play a better team game without him, and I know there was plenty of animosity on this sight against Geno over the last 6-8 months, but I liked watching the kid. My guess was that his frustration with the team was no different than many of the fans frustration that we hear about on this site after a bad loss. Kid just wanted to win, and had an opportunity to do it at a big time program. Regardless, he would have been quite a talent as a senior.

Should be a fun year, and hopefully we can surprise some people.

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Hopefully, this team will continue to make the passes to find the open man.  That was encouraging.  Coudreau, didnt make many of his shots but I think he will get better and better as he plays more in his career. He’ll need to get stronger too. So not too worried on that end.  Hazekamp, Saddler,  and Brooks bring good energy when they step on the court, if they continue to bring it consistently, that will be net positve.   Jal needs to get a lot stronger...no surprise there.  Too early to tell what the overall prognosis will be, but there was some encouraging signs that this young group will provide some hope for the future.  Just not sure, if it will be this year.

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Definitely hoping the grey uniforms are not what we will be wearing at home all season - they are bad 

Moody can shoot it

Jal has the raw athleticism, hopefully the feel for the college game develops quickly for him

Atelbauers seemed to do a lot of the right things - a different style point guard than we've had the past couple years

I was also impressed with Hazekamp

I know they're not newcomers, but Cortez looked good (seems to have the midrange game in midseason form) and Avants had a solid 9 & 9 in 12 minutes

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I think Saturday will be a better litmus test, but you know what I like about Seales night?

Went 4 of 4 from the line. 

I would love to see him shoot at least 75% from the line this year. 

Can Moody be that consistent 3 point threat?  Looked good last night, nice stroke. 

Any reason why Filip didn't play in this one?  Redshirt?

Here was the story on Marlon.  If this is the case, then Walter and Brown need to step up for the Junior class. 


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1 hour ago, SWSiouxMN said:

Those Unis…. just woof. So bad. 

Absolutely brutal.

I really liked how our lineup physically looked with Marco out there. Finally some length.

Jal is VERY raw still. Hopefully he learns how to create his own shot. Can’t wait to see him on an open break.

Panoam is cat quick. Hopefully he is a defensive asset as well.


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