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  1. And Team 6 beat Team 2 Everything points to the "quality" of your losses as being more important than your victories and the strength/quality of those victories. Is Team 6's win over Team 2 helping Team 2 more than it is Team 6??? It's a quality loss for Team 2, but "just" a win for Team 6...
  2. Looking at STATS FCS poll and it appears losses must be analyzed as the differentiating factor, or at least carry more weight than wins. I removed team names, but kept them in order (#11, #12, #17, #18, #21, #22). Team 1 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 17-37 Team 2 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 18-37, beat Team 3 Team 3 - 3 losses, 5 wins (FCS) against teams with combined record 23-22 Team 4 - 3 losses, 6 wins against teams with combined record 19-34 Team 5 - 4 losses, 5 wins against teams with combined record 19-26 Team 6 - 3 losses, 5 wins against teams with combined record 21-23, beat Team 2 Seems UND has recently been a team that carries a couple quality wins to go along with a couple ugly losses so that probably impacts my opinion, but am wondering why it isn't a team's wins that are given more weight. To me, a team that has one or two bad performances but has beaten a handful of higher quality opponents deserves a higher ranking than one who can only seem to beat the lower quality teams.
  3. Probably true. But I think a bigger concern could be EWU winning out to finish 7-5 with a win over us. Of course the ball is in our court to finish 8-3 and remove all concerns......
  4. F'nHawks

    2019 Season

    Heard it's a hamstring - not completely sure on the details (strain, tear, etc.)
  5. F'nHawks

    We got lucky

    I’m not nearly as qualified to comment on that as others on this board. But, we went from 2-2 to 3-2. To me that is the right direction, and for that I am happy.
  6. F'nHawks

    We got lucky

    Are you as disappointed with the win as your posts seems to indicate? Don’t want to jump to conclusions as I know what one reads isn’t always what the writer intended. But, you seem to be down after a win that has us headed in the right direction...
  7. Not a true freshman - he was on the team last year
  8. Has it been mentioned here that Clemson players tested positive for ostarine? https://www.usada.org/substance-profile-ostarine/
  9. To Keep Avants out of foul trouble, I'm hoping we throw a combination of Rebraca, Walter, and maybe even Coudreau at Daum and make him earn all his points. Flatten and Jenkins are very good players too, so will take a good defensive effort on them as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see a fair amount of Igbanugo to help with that. I've been impressed with how different combinations of guys have given good minutes throughout this year. Stewart will need to play another solid game - make good decisions on scoring when it's there and setting guys up like he's been doing. Moody and/or Brown will need to get it going from outside to keep things open inside for Avants to do his thing and give Marlon some space to create. I agree with SW on it ending up at about a 15 point spread. But, maybe we can keep it lower scoring and be in it down the stretch.
  10. Is win-loss record or conference championships and postseason appearances a more indicative measurement at this level of basketballl? It's a big deal to make the NCAA tournament for any team in a one-bid conference. Obviously it would be ideal to play for that spot year in and year out, but that's not realistic. I'm open to coaching change, but I'm also understanding of the ups and downs that I think inevitably come with playing at this level. Maybe my expectations are too low...
  11. I dont like to play the fire the coach game. Here's a quick look at the recent performance of MBB. I know it doesn't cover the entire tenure of Jones, but I didn't want to go back further than 2010. Some good mixed with some bad. We've been in 4 conference championship games over the past 8 seasons, winning 3 of them. I know 2 of them were Great West, but those are conference titles nonetheless. 2010-11 19-15 Won GWC Championship 2011-12 18-15 Won GWC Championship 2012-13 16-17 Lost BSC Semis 2013-14 17-17 Lost BSC Championship 2014-15 8-22 2015-16 17-16 Lost BSC Semis 2016-17 22-10 Won BSC Championship 2017-18 12-20 Lost BSC 2nd Round
  12. Limit turnovers, rebound, and of course make some shots (FTs included)! Looking for a breakout game from behind the arc for Moody and a bounce-back game from Seales. Hopefully Avants and Rebraca can keep the forwards highlighted by SWSioux in check and off the boards.
  13. Right now it almost feels like we are using too many guys in the regular rotation. You can see that there might be some potential with each of the new guys, so I get that it's tough because how do you allocate minutes for each to thrive. It's too bad a we didn't redshirt a couple of them like we did with Moody last year. The rotation could get even murkier when Stewart returns. I'd like to see a core group of players emerge (preferably Stewart, Panoam, Billy, Moody, Seales, Rebraca, Conner) and then mix in Atelbauers and Walter as needed. That's already 9-deep and it doesnt even include Jal or Hazekamp or Marko. I'm hoping the bench shortens up as the season progresses and that Jones leans towards the meaningful minutes going to guys like Rebraca, Panoam, and Moody.
  14. Even if Freund isn't promoted to OC, would it make sense for him to take on QB coaching responsibilities as part of re-shuffling positions on the coaching staff?
  15. McNeese probably saying the same about us and our loss to Idaho
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