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:lol:  You are a pretty funny guy!!  Oh man.  I reek of fear?!!  You Portland State fans sure do get defensive when you get proven wrong!!  The support for no nickname is out there.  Of course I know that.  The whole point is I believe it is the vocal minority.  I think that there are far more people that want to see UND move on with a new nickname than those that don't want them to.  Good luck against Cal Poly this weekend!! ;)

Hehe, ok..."proven wong" hilarious!

Portland state comment really hurt, are you 12? I bet you got more followers then me on Twitter also? :lol:

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This is just embarassing for the guy - he unfortunately must be facing some Alzheimer's issues that are clouding his judgement. He was a Jessie Ventura type politician in his day rallied the good old boys and got elected Bismarck Mayor and then stumbled through his tenure. The picture is at least 20 years old i would put him in his 70s. 

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congratulations on your 2000th post.   

exactly, they are two different names!   I swear, if a nodaks supporter stated the sky was blue, there would be roughrider supporters posting on here within five minutes to argue that point. 

The sky is looking pretty gray today.....

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