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Found 14 results

  1. After seeing the students with their custom made nodaks jerseys and nodak flags it opened my eyes more to nodaks being a good name, as the current students should have a big say in the name, as does coach Berry. However, even though I believe University of North Dakota nodaks sounds silly, I had a light go off in my head... For weeks I have been getting more okay with the most common, unoriginal team name, hawks, because it had the word 'fighting' in front of it. It keeps some of the fighting sioux name history...and because it allows the fans to yell the word sioux over the word hawks everyti
  2. http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2016/07/14/foley-says-las-vegas-nhl-team-having-trademark-issues-with-name/?ocid=Yahoo&partner=ya5nbcs&yptr=yahoo Anyone here have any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I know I'm over a year late with my idea but I thought of a joke this morning "I admit that I would be fine we renamed the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux to ........ the University of North Dakota National Champions". Te longer that I've been thinking about it, I really believe if our nickname was changed to either the University of North Dakota National Champions or better yet the University of North Dakota Fighting Champions, I think the name could take off for the following reasons: Fighting Champions is unique....no other college team has it and I don't kno
  4. Here we are, less than 24 hours from the title tilt in Tampa with Quinnipiac. I'm curious, what do people think about the relationship (if any) between the ultimate success on the ice and the nickname situation?
  5. this video, alone, confuses me even more as to how "Sioux" can be taken as offensive. Not that it matters anymore. i think we all agree that "Redskins" needs to go away, though.
  6. Meet and Greet Scheduled with Fighting Sioux Artist Bennett Brien visits Grand Forks to promote funding for feature film BISMARCK—The artist and creator of the now-retired Fighting Sioux logo, Bennett Brien, will appear at the Alerius Center in Grand Forks this Friday, December 11th from 4 to 7 pm, to meet with the public and help promote the upcoming film, “UNAUTHORIZED! The Story of the Fighting Sioux.” This event is free and open to the public. “UNAUTHORIZED!” is a documentary that tells the story of University of North Dakota's controversial athletics icon through one-on-one interviews
  7. OK so UNDBIZ noticed a void in the separate name threads- good eye UNDBIZ. Now that we have all established why Fighting Hawks is inadequate and Roughriders won't work, Here is why you should vote NODAKS: Last Saturday I was at the CC game. Sitting behind me a Tiger fan tapped me on the shoulder during a time out. I turned around to see an older woman(guessing around 70). She asked me if I had ever heard of a game from way back in Madison Wisconsin where there was a huge bench clearing brawl started because a Wisconsin player went into the North Dakota bench. Of course I said yes I had hear
  8. Nodaks Roughriders Fighting Hawks And go!
  9. Seriously! I see many people still into Roughriders?? You can't have two schools with followed (same sports) athletic programs with the same name in the same town. I know a lot of you think it will work because you like the name, I get it. But if your brother or sister names their kid a name you like will you pick the same name for your child? Of course not. One of the main purposes in a name is identification. People worry about the how Nodaks will be perceived by others. What will people think about us having two athletic programs a couple of miles from each other with the same fricki
  10. Voting starts tomorrow. This needs to be said: The idea of North Dakota adopting the official nickname "Fighting Hawks" is both completely illogical and totally and absolutely in every way not unique or representative to our region, state, or school. Hawks don't fight: While I do concede that I am not an expert in ornithology, I'm pretty sure the idea of hawks fighting is completely nonsensical. Hawks soar, hawks prey, hawks hunt and they probably do some other things to kill time but they don't fight. Do we really want to have the official name of our school be something that doesn't even
  11. Yet another poster has played the "UND will lose a lot of alumni donations" card on a nickname thread. Not that we'll ever know for sure, but I would be interested in seeing if anybody here has actually based a donation decision on the nickname, or plans to. (First poll I've created, so I hope it works.)
  12. http://bismarcktribune.com/news/state-and-regional/und-nickname-search-complicated-by-trade-name-battle/article_edc62d09-e7e7-54ad-acfd-148f4ef6760c.html
  13. I’d like to try something. My challenge for this topic is this: Addressing nickname voters, state your case in fewer than 200 words.Do not post on this topic more than once.I obviously can’t police these rules, but I'm curious to see whether this can work.(Hint: The shorter your message, the greater odds that your intended audience will not skip over it.) There are thousands of alumni that have only loosely followed the nickname-choosing epic. They are now getting postcards from the Alumni Office, asking them to confirm their contact information for an October vote. Many of these alumni will
  14. I read today the article on the new TV schedule for the Big Sky on DirecTv and I am so anxious about our ability to get into the Big Sky...I know they state we are on the schedule, but like Faison and Kelley say we are in a precarious position with the Big Sky by not getting rid of the Sioux nickname...I'm just waiting for the final shoe to fall and UND will be kicked out of the Big Sky which they aren't technically members yet...Oh, the anxiety...I hope the sky doesn't fall! BobIwabuchiFan
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