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UND has announced the planned renovation of Wilkerson Hall, beginning this summer and concluding fall 2015. Following its renovation and expansion, the building, located at the intersection of University Avenue and the English Coulee, will serve as a gathering place as well as a state-of-the-art food service area.

Photos at https://und.edu/student-life/dining/_files/docs/wilkerson-renderings-web-april2014.pdf


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This has been badly needed for years. Nice to see maybe they are finally getting going on it.

Yeah it looks like a nice update of the facility. Hopefully they have some better outdoor sitting areas around it too. Anyone know how it's being funded? Dining dollars/student fees/spirit fund donations?

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When I went to college, I didn't need fancy architecture and designs in my Wilkerson dining hall. All I needed was old pictures, weird colors, and the largest cereal bar I've ever seen in my life.



" ... and we liked it that way!" 

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I discovered soft boiled eggs at Wilkerson.


They did the best they could...but it was a guarantee that they couldn't screw up soft boiled eggs.


Does anyone remember, "sunshine chicken"...I still laugh about that...

Seafood Splatter, anyone? 

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Texas. Straw. Rat*. 



*OK, OK, it was "hat" but you know ... 


Oh, I remember that....  


Not the Seafood Splatter...or whatever it was called.  That sounds like something that should not have made its way a couple of thousand miles inland...

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