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  1. Sodacker

    2016 Season

    Where is this sentiment that Bubba may leave coming from? I know Sfi had some real hard hitting comparisons to get people worked up (and it obviously worked) but other than that there hasn't been a single peep about him leaving. I would say let's not get our panties in a bunch about Bubba leaving until there is a little more smoke than just sfi randomly deciding to compare some salaries.
  2. Some fans calling other fans pathetic adds to the divisiveness I think
  3. I dunno what's worse. The play calling or reciever play.
  4. I'm confused at the amount of empty back field formations
  5. Dunno how we get in a situation where we don't have enough defenders to stop a play like that out of a time out.
  6. At some point this second half someone will have to make a play. Defense offense and special teams all look terrible
  7. Brought back with a pretty obvious block in the back
  8. 2nd and 3rd down passes hit receivers in the hands. Second down pass was just a straight drop. And we give up a punt return touchdown.
  9. Held them to a field goal and they're within a score. 17-24. Offense needs a nice long drive here that ends with points.
  10. Doing everything we can't do. Penalties, big plays, special teams break down. Not looking good.
  11. Nice first down to end the 3rd quarter. Mercer picked a good time to have a great game.
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