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  1. I thought it was a pass by , I at first didn't see it was broken up
  2. Im on midco in Bis. Just compare the picture to the feed of the Northeastern-New Hampshire feed on 317. the midco feed is much better than the FCs feed It's just frustrating to have this regress so much
  3. Is everybody else seeing a blurry picture again??? My midco feed is blurry as heck Fox college feed is worse and sound is muted lower?
  4. That was incredibly lame and awkward rock n roll intro...?
  5. Any decrease in coverage for college hockey is a downer..... I liked checking it out every week. Makes room for something even bigger and better to come along in th future.
  6. Yup now you've confirmed it for me... You are one of those idiots aren't you. Now that i know you have no ability to provide any meaningfull discussion I'll be done with you .
  7. It never fails when we go to the games theres always those few in every section.... the team goes down a few and here comes some loudmouth yelling just loud enough so that others in the surrounding ten seat radius hears them "way to start choking Hakstol...Blais wouldnt be losing to this team.." crap like that.. and i illistrate the upper deckers as these seem to be special breeds of moron as they quasi yell at hakstol from row K of the second deck, NO there is not specific knowledge difference between where people sit, I was not insuniuating any one person as being a moron just based on where they sit. Ive heard these idiots in every section ive sat in. which is damn near all of'em, I dont get the special allure of going to the game and chirping your own team when god forbid they go down a goal or two at some point. The point is : ALL IS WELL THE SKY IS NOT FALLING THE SUN WILL RISE THERE WILL BE HOCKEY GAMES NEXT WEEKEND AND DAN HAMMER WILL STILL SUCK AT CALLING THOSE GAMES!
  8. Just imagine the morons in the upper levels of the ralph next weekend if the sioux get behind by a goal early....the hak haters will be hockeynostradomuses to those poor souls around them. One loss...it sucks....it will hurt a bit in PWR at the end but. It will be fine,....wont effect the mcnaughton or the broadmoor goals.
  9. Sounds like youre fine with accepting mediocrity. Not something that is accepted in the history, tradition and lore of Fighting Sioux Hockey
  10. Sweeneys crew had better capabilities in the eighties. When we needed rabbit ears, a box of tinfoil and a spacial alignment of the moon-stars-the living room furniture just to not see blurry double figures on the black and white zenith.
  11. So the new production couldnt figure out how to successfilly get the broadcast up to other outlets last night,... a week after a horrible and unwatchable production. Up until shortly before game time the game was "supposed" to be made available,..i see that now they say all games except last nights will air. Well to make it interesting until the new broadcast proves itself capable of anything more than a high school production of a volleyball game on the community channel, we will post the weekly odds on the facebook, and twitter, that it airs....in a watchable manner. Facebook facebook.com/bringbacksweeney For odds on twitter follow @danhammersucks
  12. NOTRE DAME...on national TV tonight MAINE......on national TV tonight MINNESOTA......on national TV tonight UND..........nothing Unacceptable for a program of this caliber but i guess we need to get used to it going into the NCHC agreements Hope it doesnt cost them in recruits in the future.
  13. Its turn back the clock night as in before they had tv broadcasts Another FAIL for the Hammer and crew. Id prefer a fuzzy doublefigure brodcast withe Sweeney on ol channel 8, over tonight broadcast.... .......or lack there of.
  14. Id also like to point out that your pro DAN comment was your 666th post......coincidence ...I think not
  15. It's not that Dan Hammer was SOOOOO bad in one game. Its that Dan Hammer has been SO SO SO SO bad for years on end no matter what sport he calls. If he hasnt gotten better over all these years why should he be tossed into the mix when there was such a long standing tradition and knowledgeable asset in Sweeney already there. As far as hockey goes id say Dan's knowledge base resides somewhere south of quantum physics knowledge, He isnt being tossed under a bus, and if he were, he'd just start doing play by play off the event and the driver would lose interest and fall asleep.
  16. Jason, Thanks for the updates the desire to make it right is impressive. Really looking forward to the improvements....and the coming announcements.... And the next step is : SENDING FARGO BACK IT'S HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL PLAY BY PLAY MAN!!!!!! HAMMERS A WEENIE........WE WANT SWEENEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. It's a south Dakota based broadcast with a Fargo high school announcer. Join the revolt at the bring back Sweeney Facebook page. Http://www.facebook.com/bringbacksweeney
  18. This crap has got to stop before it gets out of hand, a boring uninspired play by play demeans the brand, and can cost a program. Facebook http://facebook.com/bringback\sweeney Twitter @danhammersucks
  19. Good lord, with all due respect....and I mean all due respect,.. Dan hammer is the worst most boring worthless waste of Fargo trash tv announcer I've ever heard. Terrible just terrible, creates the atmosphere of a dental waiting room for the viewer....coudnt tell if it was a sioux game or a class A girls basketball game. He has as much business being involved in a hockey game as a volleyball. Just a thought.
  20. Wow is that the gamer, or an authentic customized?
  21. Frozen4sioux


    The wheels sure seem to be falling off this good idea pretty fast now...... Scary...just damn scary.
  22. As per schlossmans tweet, no citations were handed out to players derived from online police records......
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