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  1. Excellent point, national lambasting of wcha Reffing, unfortunetly only the bad officiating is a common occurrence
  2. Mental stupidity....... Pull his C. A PP to a PK in a flash of dumbness.!..............huh 5x5 I guess. Now a PP
  3. Blood has continued to have a tough time getting that first pass off well tonight
  4. End of 1 Sioux 1 Denver 0. Shots und 17-4
  5. Clean hit.....hurt when into the boards.....terrible call
  6. Yup my bad.....no need for the shorty......yet, although we could use Rocco tonight......sorry to easy.
  7. Much better than last weekend.....now they gotta kill this one.....better thought......I'm calling a shorty!
  8. Ooooooo penalty clock how much I love theeee.....
  9. Lammy taking a shot after the play he drew a penalty on......he's got to cool it one of those that's draws an even it up penalty can make a huge difference
  10. Here we go......is it just my tv or do we look quite lime colored tonight?
  11. Rau just took another dive.....yes folks Cepis is back in the building
  12. Why are those fans wearing yellow body suits in Vermont? Its like almost everybody is wearing a yellow full body suit
  13. Turned on to the gopher / UNO game to see Kyle rau two hand slash a guy in the neck in front of the ref.......no call And then to see some dbag head but a guy into the ice on a face off.........penalty called. You stay classy Minnesota....pride on ice at work again Plus if you turn on the volume you get a Kevin Gorg stupidity in Homerism Symposium.
  14. I saw somewhere, twitter I believe that with the trade to Phoenix from Columbus the dude will get his number 50 and Watkins will change to 36.
  15. So Accourding to these highly edumacatped UMD fans it's the university of North Dakotas fault in using the nickname that results in the actions of racist and abusive chants of their own creation and use?... I can only imagine, with that logic, ......what the UMD solution would have been to racist name calling directed towards African Americans or other ethnic bigotry......would they be howling for an entire race to change their names and visual identity as well?....
  16. подписать его podpisatʹ yego
  17. Woouuw......nice to finish it off
  18. Lammy with an awesome pass to the general
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