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  1. A run could mean Western mich. - UMtc. - BC. - Michigan A daunting task but to think after the Bermidgeeee game??........to even be here with 17...... One helluva job by Hak and the boys.... Anybody on this board that says fire Hak if they don't bring home trophy should be banned from the site, the Ralph, and holding property and voting for life.
  2. Uffda...I missed that Shouldnt the 1 seed get the later time?........o god the gooferfaithfull would whine like pigs if thathappened
  3. Nobody picked the SIOUX Underdogs...just the way I like it
  4. God I hope BU bounce the goofs.....for many reasons One end of the spectrum wants to see the goofs watching more hockey at the excel The other end is that I don't like the thought of a good quality pissed off UM team....... Plus if they possibly could get us the mindless masses of gooferville would hang a banner and pop their jerseys about it for years
  5. Full bracket is up at the NCAA frozen four site
  6. Looks like the Sioux play at 1:30 The gophers at 5 And the championship is at 5:30
  7. The bulldogs went Mohawks.... The gophers dyed blond....... Maybe they should worry about hockey instead of hair??.....just a thought.
  8. They called the dude out on Brett hull not going to ND.....
  9. St Paul Sioux v western Michigan Goofers v bu
  10. Bridgeport Union v Michigan state Miami v mass lowell
  11. So far it appears again that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Is mor important than true bracket integrity.......why they even to pretend to have a PWC is beyond me
  12. Green bay Michigan v Cornell Ferris state v Denver.
  13. Spelling and proper grammar will not be included with updated.........
  14. Worsted mass Bu v air force UMduluth. V maine
  15. I was wondering if the NCAA would make them blur the logo out of the highlights
  16. True Bracketology sends BC and BU to st paul.....never will happen I see UM and UMD being switchedabout My first try....i see a trip east although GB is a possibility Northeast Worcester Mass 1 BC vs 16 AF 7UMDuluth vs 9 BU West St. Paul 2 Michigan vs 15 Mich State 8 UMtc vs 10 Maine Midwest Green Bay 3 Union vs 14 Western Michigan 6 Ferris vs 11 Denver East -bridgeport 4 UND vs 13 Cornell 5 Miami vs 12 Mass-Lowell
  17. Let's see your picks.... True seedings place BC and BU in St. Paul with Minnesota..... No way NC$$ lets that happen Is think UMtc and UMduluth will be flipped.
  18. Epic, I will never forgive myself for allowing myself to talk myself out of attending the final five.
  19. "80 years of Sioux tradition DOES NOT end here, this is your time, there time is Do..".......no couldn't do it
  20. My feed still has 4:00 minutes left. What a terrible crowd.... The Michigan game is even worse........... Hope mn had fun playing in front of. Packed house in the conference playoffs........ It might be the last time
  21. Just think back in October 2001 UND played Minnesota in the first game with the newest and current logo and fell 7-5. If the Sioux were to fall today it would also be the last time, most likely, that the Logo is used, i dont want to let MN have that. hopefully the team can pick it up and at least send the logo into the past with dignity, honor and and allow it to be entered into the history and legendary success of the program with the lasting vision of a broadmoor trophy celebration in St. Paul.
  22. Offsides right in front of the wcha official...no suprise he missed it.
  23. Really great concept....... Even if it only made an appearance at the Nebraska outdoor game that looks awesome. I wonder if the trend of the home team wearing color in the NHL will work itself down to the NCHC and college hockey in general. I like the idea of the home Town crowd seeing the greens and alternates. One of the neat things looking back at the old annuals was all the pics of the Sioux teams wearing green at home and many times dark on dark jersey matchups. That would look awesome colorized. I would also concur that the green breezers come back, paired with green helmet as well.
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