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  1. y Think about it ..........the nickname "Sioux" is most eventuality gone ......"these".......black jerseys may never be seen again. We will be home for the next four maybe five games, then maybe in ST Paul they could show.....and then in the tourney, but I'll make the prediction that we have seen the last performance of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux in black jerseys. We don't have to like it, and I don't, but in reality We may never see them again. They have a bad record this year,superstition is something we need on our side, especially when we don't have other things on our side, like injuries, and officiating.
  2. There can be no split the next weekend.
  3. I agree the black sioux jerseys may need to be put away.......forever.
  4. Not good for the Pairwise right now
  5. Again.....very much like Duluth last week
  6. Kristo......welcome to the century club
  7. Gwoz reminds me of the rumpelstiltzkin character from the last shrek movie
  8. Stooped........stoooopid...too stoooopid to even spell it correctly.
  9. Yeah I feel bad for that Grafton goalie but hey it's Grafton and I despise Grafton.
  10. Hate to see a goal like that end a game.......but as long as Grafton loses....it's all good.
  11. If the Sioux can somehow come out in the third like they did in the first last night they can get this back but it seems the correctly call.ed REFASPLIT is a go.
  12. Yeah Blood could easily be in showers right now.... Need to capitalize on what will be a PP to start the third
  13. He's got one foot on the dasher...................
  14. Eids has been beat too much on unobstructed shots.
  15. Wow who called the make up major penalty?
  16. When they talk about the Ben Blood handshake incident and say " what do you expect from a guy named blood"......all credibility is lost
  17. Its seems like the rink is darker tonight ....did they forget to turn all the lights on?.... Most likely just got spoiled by the great broadcast quality last night.
  18. Underway.... Wow these commentators are complete douchenozzles......
  19. We should get a chip, chair and a chance in the new unis ( in the tourney) now, and if the Sioux can put together a few of these type of performances................ ........so you're saying there's a chance.
  20. Eids gave up some huge rebounds tonight and had a lot of luck and played very well to boot,......I'd put him in again tomorrow. His performance was a direct reflection of the effort of the d men in front of him.
  21. As of right now.....back to being a top 10 team in the Pairwise.
  22. That's what happens when you go 85% in the wcha......
  23. The delay in the clock is another gift of rest for diva boys of denver
  24. Lammy blew the coverage on that like a hooker late on rent.
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