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  1. Final five sign ideas..... Some good some ok some not so much..... "your state is still broke" "dell the toughest man between the pipes........ Rau a tough man behind the stripes......" "what's the difference between a jet engine and a gopher fan... ....the engine quits whining when you turn it off!" "welcome back Mich. Tech welcome back Minnesota! welcome back Wisc......." "dive .....dive.....dive...." Official motto of the USS Gopher.". Written over the outline of a submarine "nice goal...hang a banner for that?" "7>5". That's almost too easy Can't think of a better one now but a jab at the big10 needs to make a showing Bye bye Ice hockey Gophers To bad you cant Earn the right to play in the National! for the Thursday game. A SCSU husky logo among the NCHC teams and then..... "who invited the ugly chick?....... "nice hair boys....come up that yourself did ya?" "ERE and a gopher...both real big behind a ref." "Uffda.....Is that a dead Gopher i smell or your girlfriend?"....... That may cross a line.
  2. Agree agree agree agree agree agree......
  3. I do not want to see a Wisconsin win.....they're on their game and their goalie can shine for a run.
  4. I wonder if Cuma was called more cause he may have been a Yeo guy last year in Houston, doesn't make sense he wild are abysmal at best, I still think Chay skates in the NHL this year.
  5. Can you tell us the logo? The guy at one of the stores pointed it out on another shirt and I took a pic but I can't find it on my phone anymore after switching to a new one, it was very similar to the logo on this years official game puck, but if I see it again I will point it out, I still don't think it was exactly what we we will see, and I don't think it will resemble the actual real jerseys.
  6. While I can fully understand how the Sioux shop will not be getting any replicas of the jerseys to sell yet this year. Many retailers had already ordered stock to replace the "Sioux" jerseys, I have confirmed this at multiple locations, two showed me the logo that they claim was/is on the jersey, one a major local sporting goods store chain and the other a smaller sporting goods store. However I DO NOT believe it is the same logo that will be on the actual jerseys that we WILL see in a few weeks, barring an injunction against the NCAA sanctions in the spirit Lake case. I think what happened is that like previous manufacturers of replicas "assumed" what would be the logo and started producing replicas that will not match the actual jerseys, ala what K1 did when they put out tons of the replica swift jerseys in the white and green even though they were never adopted as standard uniforms by the program. I think they assumed and tried to get out ahead of others, the switch to the reeboks usurping their attempt. I also think that is what you will see in stores soon after the NCAA tourney this year new, non matching replica jerseys. Or I could be completely wrong..........wouldn't be the first time this week.
  7. Two things ...one Bjugstad is far and away more NHL ready ready now....it's not even close. My point on Why I think Kristo is gone is that it is my understanding of the free agent clause that gregoire and wheeler? Was it, used was that it had to be excersi send after their junior year, if the come back they give it up and are retained by the drafting team? Am I wrong on this? If not what I mean is that to basically have the opportunity to shop all NHL teams for the right fit and finances, it just can't compare to a senior, IMO. Hextall didn't take that route he just straight signed with Phoenix, so I can understand the second guessing, Gregoire, I would guess he makes the same call to get out of the islander organization 100 times out of 100. But again if I am incorrect about that clause only being actionable after the third college year, please correct me.
  8. Beavers....badgers....gophers.....whatever The ND G&F just opened a new kind of postseason vermin permit for March!!
  9. I know that many people have said Kristo is gone and he may be, but I dont believe it would be in his best interest, I just don't see him being NHL ready for some time, in fact if he does sign with Montreal I see Him bouncing between Hamilton and wheeling next year. If he does sign I believe it will be with the promise of Some NHL action yet this season, if they don't lure him with that, I think he will excerise his summer option to get Free Agency ala Gregoire. Ultimately Kristo will have the choice of turning down EVERY NHL franchise to come back, I don't see that happening for a DAKTRONIC board tribute.
  10. Two wins v. berrrrrmidgee, Cc on Thursday, the UMtc Pukers on Friday and the defending champ dogs on Saturday? Potentially quite the road to haul with 17 dressed, need Dell to go infuego, and Kristo and Knight need to close the deal on their chances.
  11. Our Capn' is in the Box so much I think I may start calling him crunchberry.
  12. I see this headed for an injunction very soon. As in sooner or later a judge will issue a decree stating the NCAA can not do anything with an adverse effect untill the lawsuits are settled. I wasn't thinking this would be the way it was handled until I started to think how much monetary damage could be done to the university if such threats as contained in the letter were acts upon. Think about it, a player gives a post game or pregame interview in the same lucky reebok undershirt they have worn for the year, that just happens to have the logo on it, and the team is sent home they forfeit and have to pay for the other teams expenses??,!! That has injunction written all over it.
  13. I hope it dies a hard death and never comes back. Early thi season, it seemed that instead of working on hockey they were more concerned about the skits they wanted to put together than the poor on ice performance? I think it no coincidence it went away when things seemed darkest this year. I would speculate maybe it was mandated to take
  14. I honestly didn't think it was rated that high, that being said I think that it has been ver inconsistent and has had trouble establishing a controlled pressure. I seem to recall quite a few times being pressured in our own end on the PP and struggling to establish the puck in the offensive zone. Consistency in opportunity I believe could be much better.
  15. We ain't that great on the PP either. Need that to be sustained to make the run.
  16. y Think about it ..........the nickname "Sioux" is most eventuality gone ......"these".......black jerseys may never be seen again. We will be home for the next four maybe five games, then maybe in ST Paul they could show.....and then in the tourney, but I'll make the prediction that we have seen the last performance of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux in black jerseys. We don't have to like it, and I don't, but in reality We may never see them again. They have a bad record this year,superstition is something we need on our side, especially when we don't have other things on our side, like injuries, and officiating.
  17. There can be no split the next weekend.
  18. I agree the black sioux jerseys may need to be put away.......forever.
  19. Not good for the Pairwise right now
  20. Again.....very much like Duluth last week
  21. Kristo......welcome to the century club
  22. Gwoz reminds me of the rumpelstiltzkin character from the last shrek movie
  23. Stooped........stoooopid...too stoooopid to even spell it correctly.
  24. Yeah I feel bad for that Grafton goalie but hey it's Grafton and I despise Grafton.
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