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  1. Friday-Kristo Saturday-Gregoire
  2. Friday - Gregoire Saturday - Frattin
  3. stay with Kristo for tonight
  4. Friday - Gregoire Saturday - Kristo
  5. What happened with the 6'5" gal?
  6. Lots of empty seats for a place that sells out all the time.
  7. radio through Fightingsioux.com seems to be working finally.
  8. can anybody get the game on line? I can't make anything work
  9. I need some help. Where does the Jan Brady State come from for SCSU?
  10. Taylor has told members of the Fargo media that NDSU will not play UND as long as he is in his job, although they won't report that. This is just his way of making that happen without owning up to it. There's your hypocrite.
  11. Check out this article in the Corpus Christi Caller-times. The Sioux Crew sent the article out to their members. The Javs were really impressed by the loud crowd and the Sioux team. http://www.caller.com/news/2008/sep/04/a-s...ating-for-javs/ "You couldn't hear anything, and they knew your names. It's something we should be used to, but some guys weren't used to it at all," said receiver Clavens Charles. "It kind of got to the point where we couldn't understand what was going on, we couldn't get the signals to get the plays in. It was just a lot of mental errors and a lot of penaltie
  12. Are there any ticket discounts for this game?
  13. I know that they were considering cancelling the camp in early August also because of lack of enrollment. They have decided to keep it.
  14. In MN you can now charge whatever you can get.
  15. Any ideas on tailgating? Is it allowed and in what location?
  16. Two years ago they told us they didn't allow grills in the parking lot but they waited until we were headed into the game to tell us.
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