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  1. If we were talking about Dale I would say yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
  2. UND used to have a nice pipeline to SSP back in the 1980s with Steve Doody and the Veldman brothers
  3. When I was in high school Murph welcomed me to UND football practice and he hooked me up with Rob Bollinger and Erv Mondt for some coaching. He also connected me with some of the players who gave me advice also. It was a great help to me. I later went away to college but transferred back to UND and was a football walk on who eventually played for 3 seasons. Much of the reason I tried out for the football team was the excellent experience I had with Murph and his staff.
  4. Unbelievable. Two weeks in a row with long drive for pts with no time left in half
  5. i don't get sound. Is there any with the video
  6. Not completely true. I live in the Twin Cities, am not talking about the UM-AC game, am paying attention to the spud bowl and will be at the game after some great tailgating fun.
  7. Vinnie would have been a tough get for the Sioux. His grandfather Louie almost flipped his lid when Zach Parise chose UND.
  8. Bad game once in a while? They play bad constantly and sprinkle in a little mediocrity once in a while. They haven't won the Big Ten title since 1967.
  9. You keep missing my point. You posted earlier - If it was that important to them, they would have elected officials based on their views of the nickname. They did but the guy didn't follow through.
  10. Yep. My point was to refute the claim that Standing Rock elected people who were against having a vote on the name. I think they elected a Chairman believing that he would allow a vote.
  11. When Charles Murphy defeated Ron His Horse is Thunder for Tribal Chairman most believed that he would allow a vote on the subject. That probably played a role in the election. Based on pre-election positioning, I think they did elect a chairman who was open to a vote. Here is some of the story from WDAZ after the election. His Horse is Thunder, a staunch opponent of the nickname and logo, did not allow a tribe-wide vote on UND's use of the Sioux name, saying such a vote would not be binding. In July, Murphy told WDAZ he would consider allowing a tribe-wide vote on UND's use of the Sioux nickname if elected chairman.
  12. If the Bison players and coaches overlooked UND and didn't realize this was a big game for them too they are dumber than I thought they were. I can't believe they didn't realize the impact on recruiting now that they can't claim superiority over UND. I think they did realize this and just got beat on that night. You can spin it anyway you want to but it is just that, spin.
  13. You make the point for exactly why we need to be in the Big Sky. We need to have a conference, something to play for and build some rivalries or we will continue to see crowds like this or worse.
  14. Why rush the change? I 'm sure the threat from the Big Sky is the reason.
  15. Agree with Ira here. President Kelley's hands have been tied from day one on the job. He knows this isn't popular but he also knows what he needs to do. I see good leadership.
  16. uuummmm..... this has all been hashed over many thousand times and we still never win. It is time to move on.
  17. Chip graduated around 1983. He is a good guy and it is exciting to see him with a chance to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg..
  18. That's because a majority of SU fans want to pretend they don't care about UND anymore and it easier to say they have moved on. If that was really true there wouldn't be so much Bison traffic on this site. If you don't believe that check the comments on In-Forum whenever one of the sports guys spends any time on UND. I say let them go and don't play them.
  19. My point is still the same. The only reason you think that homefield advantage isn't important is because this doesn't impact hockey. You would change your tune if it did. And I totally disagree that there should get special accommodations..
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