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  1. Let this thread die, please!!!
  2. In 2003 NDSU finished 8-3 with a win against #3 I-AA Montana. They didn't make the DII playoffs and the reason given was that the win against Montana kept them out based on the rules at the time. The NCAA was trying to encourage teams to play within their same division for some reason.
  3. I live in the Twin Cities also and am a much bigger Sioux hockey fan now than when I lived in Grand Forks. Like others have said, Sioux hockey is great but the 'hockey only' fans are hard to take, especially when they tell people that the rest of our sports don't matter. Once I moved to the Twin Cities I found that the Gopher 'hockey only' fans are just as bad or worse. That made it a lot easier to love Sioux hockey.
  4. I did not play FCS football but did play at UND and we beat some good I-AA teams during my time. I do take it personal when you state that 'FCS football sucks' - even in a message board. I am sure others do too.
  5. Here is an article on non FBS players that have made or could make an impact in the NFL in the future. Not a bad list for considering that "FCS football sucks". I am guessing you didn't have the ability to play at the FCS level or you would have a different opinion. The Pro Football Hall of Fame includes plenty of members who learned the game at smaller schools, and there are scores of others who carved out solid NFL careers despite coming from places that don't get attention the way the powerhouse programs do. Larry Allen, Darrell Green, Deacon Jones, Jerry Rice and Walter Payton are just a few, and don't forget Howie Long, John Randle, Andre Reed, Phil Simms or Kurt Warner. http://www.startribu.../218583721.html
  6. The decision was very simple to make at the time. It hurt our playoff chances if we played them. This is from memory but my recollection is that NDSU saw that in one of their last couple of years in DII. They beat Montana (I believe) that was defending I-AA National Champs and that game kept them out of the playoffs. If they had played and even lost to UM Crookston instead they would have made the playoffs. Should we have played NDSU when we knew it would hurt our playoff chances even by beating them? That is an easy decision to make when looking at what is best for our program. The rest doesn't matter after that. NDSU can make the same argument now and that's fine but there is no way we should have kept playing them based on the rules at the time.
  7. Watched Quinton Hooker play last week in the Howard Pulley Pro Am league. Royce White and Siyani Chambers (freshman of the year in the Ivy League and first team all conference) were on his team. Most, if not all, of the other players on both teams had college or pro experience at some level. Hooker played a secondary role with the more experienced players in the game but he definitely held his own. He made a few 3 pointers and they were playing NBA rules and 3 point distance. He probably had 12-15 points and played solid defense and definitely belonged. He is going to be a good player at UND.
  8. Not intending to defend NDSU but to support our non-hockey athletes over the years. It gets old hearing people run our other teams down in order to elevate the hockey team. It depends on how you look at things. UND plays at the hightest level of college hockey which is true but:only 59 teams play D1 hockey not all of best pro-hopeful hockey players of college age play college hockey. some play in other leagues in Russia, Canada, etc. You can make the case that NCAA hockey is a 2nd level league when looking a the best in the world. 122 teams play FCS football virtually all pro-hopeful football players play college football. Most in FBS but some in FCS too. FCS is the 2nd highest level that football players can compete at, DII is 3rd highest.
  9. Siouxperman8

    Ticket sells

    It is the biggest collection of FCS fans who take the time to post on message boards and like to bash other teams.
  10. Siouxperman8

    Ticket sells

    Well if that's the case we should cancel the promotion. AGS is the gold standard.
  11. Siouxperman8

    Ticket sells

    We have had a tailgating spot with friends and family from the Forks for many years. Always have a great time. I will stop by the van when we are in town.
  12. Siouxperman8

    Ticket sells

    I just bought a pair of football season tickets for the first time. I live in the Twin Cities but should get to enough games to make it worth while.
  13. From and earlier post - Heard the rumor southgate is closing. Turning it into Famous Dave's. Does anyone know more on that rumor?
  14. Siouxperman8


    Bresciani letter to NDSU campus community. http://legacy.wday.c...iani Letter.pdf
  15. Golladay looks great. Both qb's look good.
  16. I was at the game and have the program rosters here. The Gophs have 12 from MN on their roster. We have 10 from MN and 4 from ND. We have more local players than they do. Thier starting lineup of 6 players had 1 MN player on the ice.
  17. I ran there in the 70's too. In the 400 I was chasing a guy and catching him on the parts of the track where you could see us. When we went behind the bleachers he would cut to the infield and shorten the distance he ran and extend his lead again. He beat me to the finish but eventually an official came from behind the bleachers and had him DQ'd.
  18. it is absolutely a fact that it would have hurt our playoff chances when the contract was proposed. SU missed the playoffs the previous year because of a game they won against Montana. The rules changed later.
  19. the reason we didn't want to play is because it would have hurt our chances of making the playoffs even if we kicked your tails - which we were doing regularly back them. You already know that but refuse to accept that fact.
  20. Turgeon's uncle Mark was a tough SOB as a D-end at UND in early 80's. Very good football player.
  21. Is his dad Mike Turgeon from Warren?
  22. I remember Hak saying that what Blood did was not acceptable in a handshake line. He also said noted that it shouldn't be acceptable to run your mouth in the handshake line either. Both show poor sportsmanship. He certainly inferred that Rau was smarting off because he figured the handshake was sacred and was taking advantage of that.
  23. Good luck with your decision.
  24. It is a longer shot for walk-ons but it can be done. I was a non-recruited walk on who came in when school started and ended up starting for 3 years and recieved scholarship money my last 2 years.
  25. I coached against Tusler in basketball when he was younger and saw him play basketball again this year. Not my favorite opponent but certainly has a football attitude that he brings to the basketball court. I haven't heard anything lately on Mike Redmond. I know his family a little and know he was considering St. Thomas.
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