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Alaska @ UND - Friday Gameday


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Really wished they would have flip flopped Kunz and Louis…Kunz needs a look. He’s not a 4th line grinder. He’s got slow feed but with schmaltz and Perron, there would be some skill there.

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23 minutes ago, AlphaMikeFoxtrot said:

Perron belongs in top 6 over Johannes. Oh well, hopefully he can expose some mismatches.

He hasn't played like a top 6 forward I am ok with moving him down until he picks it up

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3 minutes ago, cowboys5xsbs said:

Where is Alex?



With Midco Sports play-by-play announcer Alex Heinert beginning his CBS Sports duties in the second half of the season, Jody Norstedt will be calling some UND hockey games down the stretch as he did a year ago.

The first will be this weekend's series between UND and Alaska.

Norstedt also will call home series against Omaha and Minnesota Duluth.

Heinert will call UND home series against Denver, Western Michigan and the National Collegiate Hockey Conference playoffs — if UND is home. Heinert also will do the NCHC Frozen Faceoff for CBS Sports.



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3 minutes ago, bcblues said:

Gotta stop those rotten passes in our D-zone

Not liking these first 7 minutes at all. Lackluster so far.  With the losing streak, UND should be playing with passion and more skill.

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