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2021-2022 Season


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Proud of the girls.  The proved they belong in this game.  Big improvement over last season, as well.  Next season is the start of new chapter of WBB at UND.  Time to join the big dogs of the Summit.

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As strange as it may have sounded, UND might have had a better chance to win had the 4th quarter been more of a rock fight the same way the other 3 quarters have gone.

A bit of a bitter taste to end the season, losing their last 5 games.  However, progress has been made.

Exciting freshman class coming in and as of right now, the team only loses Leet. 

Time to make a move. 

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The year is over and has been improvement over last year but it showed we have long ways to go if were going to compete for conference championship. We have had pleasurer of Leet this year and will be missed next year. We have nobody ready to take on her role for next year beyond Vanderwal who was redshirted this year. This means to me she has ways to go before she will be level of Leet and be major factor to be counted upon. Second we do not have a lot size either on the team or coming in this next year. The two four star recruits are both listed as 6 feet or less and two other recruits are guards. This leaves us with girls over 6 feet tall with Lane, Vanderwal, Van Loo, and McCarthy.

This coming year we have good nucleus coming back but we will need this years freshman to step up or new recruits to provide additional talent to bring us up to next level in Summits conference. SDSU will be chosen preconference pick for next year to win the conference, South Dakota will not be the team they are this year but will have number high level talent returning, Denver will be returning number of top players, NDSU will be returning number of players, ORU has couple top players returning, and so does WI if they all choose to return with there extra year eligibility. We will need to improve on defense and on offense we will need to have improvement from other girls to free Borowicz up offensively. We saw that today they really concentrated on her for the whole game and we continued to look for other players to step and lead the team but had no consistency on other players to create and score points. This has been problem all year and when we get this its very difficult to beat this team. I believe we should be able to compete for second place in the conference next year. My hope and dream we develop to level where we can compete with SDSU by end of next season and go play in the NCAA tournament which maybe a dream but if players develop like there expected level of play is projected this might be possibility. One thing i am looking forward to next year see how this team develops and performs. 

Ps I want to thank all players and coaches on this team for this past year for fine year we have had to watch them play and get better as the season went along. I do appreciate them and recognize hard work and effort they have put forth this year.


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