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2016 Volleyball season


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Had the pleasure of watching tonight's match UND-MN in person.    Excellent crowd (4271 to start the match; as with football, a lot of fans left at 'halftime').   

After a tough start in set one, UND made a lot of clear adjustments in set two, and with it 15-15 in set three, I started to think this was possible.   If the girls take anything from tonight, I hope its that they can play with anyone.

As others have noted above, UND's first pass was often not as good as one would hope, leaving the setter fewer choices.  (Of course, giving credit to Minnesota's servers is also appropriate, and they did an outstanding job putting serves in tough spots.)  Minnesota's block took advantage of UND's relative offensive predictability.   Most of the night they had two or even three set up to block.  

Moser was simply outstanding.   13-24 and zero hitting errors.   Most of the 13 kills were off one or two blockers.   

All in all, it was a solid performance and something I hope the team builds on from here.     

And Minnesota is impressive, with a lot of strong rookies and McCutcheon coaching, they are poised for a strong run in the NCAA's.

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The ladies looked a little out of sync to begin the night. Their timing just wasn't there for the first set and a half. I don't know what it was but something finally clicked and the team took off. Lost the first, won the second, and dominated the third set winning 25-15. 

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54 minutes ago, Dustin said:

For being undefeated in conference play (until tonight), Sacramento state didn't have any hitters that scared me. I'm guessing we'll have scarier teams than that as the season rolls on. 

Really? Because #9 did a number against us in the first couple sets.  She hits harder than any of our girls.  They really hit to the far side corner and we didn't seem to adjust blocks for a long time.


But bigger better hitters are certainly going to be on tap.


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