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What was your favorite Derek Shepherd moment?!


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Well, now who are we gonna hate?!!  One thing you could always count on was if you were going to a Sioux/Gopher game, good ole D. Shephard was going to be out there in the stripes.  Definitely added excitement of the game.  Lots of people hated him, but I think he embraced the heel status he brought to college hockey officiating.

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Love the stripes, but I love it when they aren't noticeable at all.

When they can control a game without dramatics, without being hated, without taking 12 minute reviews for dramatic reaponse

I love a game where after; I have to ask "Who was that reffing?".....

Then I take note of them.  That is how a ref builds a solid reputation.   Not by having daddy slip games to them when they're younger than the players.

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34 minutes ago, Big A HG said:

Shepherd was always great in person.  Fun to razz on the ice as well, but never was the awful ref that Todd Anderson consistently is.

To be honest for you , I think that he retired too early. He's one of the better ones in college hockey. Marco Hunt retiring is a win.

I would like to see Todd Anderson and Timm "quick whistle" Walsh gone. They're God awful.

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I like my officials like I like my defensemen in their own zone*: Unnoteworthy. Don't do something that makes me notice you out there.


*More often than not, if you remember a defenseman's play in their own zone it involves an "Oops! Crap." 

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7 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

Hidden in there is that Marco Hunt retired also. And we lose Butch way too soon.


Medo Martinello handed the mantle to the Shepherds. Who will pick it up? 

Derek had has zip tie Marcos bag shut once on the flight from GFK back to MSP 

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