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  1. For $4.00 more I can see the game in person.
  2. So far the only option I have found is the $30 monthly "Pro" plan at https://www.flohockey.tv/ This gets you all WCHA games for a month. There doesn't appear to be a single game plan. Please, somebody prove me wrong.
  3. I got my first round tickets as part of my season ticket package. EVERY. YEAR.
  4. 40+ teams would love to have our disappointing season.
  5. Or you have that @gfhockey money.
  6. Do you like it? Would you wear it?
  7. Only 2 NCHC games to pick from last week. So the field was small.
  8. I think that is the preferred way to enter Omaha.
  9. Yeah and we haven't even hit mediocrity yet. We could still host the first round of the conference tournament. We still have a legitimate shot of making the national tournament without having to win an auto-bid, and I can no longer recall the last time we were not in the top 1/3 of the national rankings. What the reality is this fan base is utterly spoiled at every level. Some of us old timers remember the lean years and appreciate games that matter in February and March.
  10. Apparently gaining and maintaining possession of the puck is "absolutely nothing."
  11. We're due for a TCoS.
  12. Well as few as 4 out of the last 10 could put us at #12, if they are the right 4.
  13. Not just reading Sioux Sports. Developing whole articles by screen scraping it. Such talent. Such journalism.
  14. How to read this. If we win 7 out of the last 10 scheduled games we can't drop below 12 in PWR so we should be safe to make the tournament.
  15. Jim Dahl is the best source for this information. https://collegehockeyranked.com/forecast/pwrbywins/
  16. I suspect by winning their conference tournament. (The assumption for these brackets is whoever is leading their conference will win the auto-bid)
  17. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Some guy that did hockey gooder than me.
  18. The color guy on the NCHC broadcast is such a homer.
  19. Somewhere between Slim and None. Slim took the last Amtrak out of town.
  20. http://www.cbssports.com/watch/cbssportsnetwork/ shows DirecTV Now as an authentication option.
  21. Three types of lies. White lies. Outright lies. Statistics.
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