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Peterson will run for 1500-1700 yards

Jennings will be a solid receiver and give them a legit downfield target

Patterson will be used in the Harvin role and will provide some big plays and will not be on the injury report every single week

Simpson will catch some balls until he gets hurt

Rudolph will keep improving his numbers over last year, would probably be a top TE with a better QB

Ponder will slightly improve his numbers because he will have better weapons on the field and everybody will stack the line because they are scared to death of Peterson

Ponder will still not be able to throw an accurate pass over 15 yards

Walsh will score a lot of points with his big leg


Line play will be decent, Allen is healthy this year and Williams will be rotating with Floyd to keep him fresher in early down/short yardage situations

Linebackers will be above average, depth is a question

Secondary looks very iffy, I can see them getting torched be the QB's in the North, if any of the starters go down it's going to be ugly unless the young guys are better than expected

The new punter has looked good in the preseason

Overall I would say this is a .500 team unless Ponder improves his downfield accuracy and the secondary plays much better than they have in the preseason. The way it looks now they will score more points than last year but will also give up more points than last year.

That's my unbiased assessment from a lifetime Vikings fan.

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Four things:

1) Ponder must be benched. I'll take my chances with Matt Cassel from this point forward.

2) Some of the young guys on defense need to step up and make some plays. The Lions did whatever they wanted on offense the entire freaking game. That cannot continue next week at the Bears.

3) AP is the same old AP.......a.k.a. "Awesome"!

4) I would not be surprised if the Vikes take a step back this year. Last year's 10-6 record was unexpected with such a young team, as I think they overachieved a little bit. This year, teams won't take them lightly (like I think the 49ers did last year in the Dome) and the 1st and 2nd year guys will get the best from every team in the league. If Spielman keeps drafting well and signing free agents to fill any gaping holes (like Greg Jennings), the team should continue to improve and I believe will be a championship contender in a couple of years.

Still loyal and still bleeding purple! Skol Vikings!!!

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Cassel led the Patriots to a good season after Brady went down in Game 1 in 2008. That is more than Ponder has ever accomplished.

Don't forget Ponder "led" them to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth last year...that's what Frazier and the apologists will say.

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Don't forget Ponder "led" them to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth last year...that's what Frazier and the apologists will say.

They will also say all they need is a game manager with AP. The stat line doesn't sound like a game manager to me. Also, if all you need is a game manager, why when you are in field goal range with a 14-6 lead, and a 3rd and 1, do you roll out Ponder and let him throw an ill-advised pick? AP better get used to throwing everybody in the box to stop him, because I don't think many teams respect what Ponder brings to the table.

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Did not realize how horrible their schedule is......yuck......

I'll say 6-10.

Also a bleeding purple Viking apologist here.

GB schedule is tough too. WASH, then @ CIN then bye in week 4. Hoping for a 1-2 start.

They were like watching UND yesterday...penalties, cant get off field on 3rd down and can't run the ball. And how are no adjustments made to take away Boldin!! Only thing is there is no FCS equivalent of ARog in Kelly green and white right now. He'll keep them in any game.

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I blame coaches & management for not finding a QB to help AP & many other great players have a real shot at getting to the playoffs or beyond - I'll eat crow if Ponder wakes up

As I said, they made the playoffs last year. Ponder got hurt and missed the playoff game. Don't the coaches get credit for going from 3-13 to 10-6 last year?
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You would think that they would...

As has been said by many others, coaches usually get too much credit when things go well and too much blame when they go bad. Others give them little or no credit for anything that goes well and still blame them for anything that goes wrong. In many cases it can be a no win situation.
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