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  1. It's a 51 second clip, and Hannity references the media's hysteria at the beginning of his comments, and wraps it up with similar comments about the media's hysteria. And, as mentioned here a million times, Trump referred to the media's reporting regarding the virus, as their latest hoax against him. I'm sorry you cannot see the connection.
  2. Yes, he is. Trump was referring to the media hysteria over the coronavirus. So was Hannity. In that clip you refer to, Hannity starts by saying he doesn’t like the way the mainstream media is deliberately trying to scare people. He then laid out the info available at the time regarding the age and type of people most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and what percentage of those infected (1%)might die. He then followed those stats with his comment about yeah, so let’s scare the living hell out of people with this new hoax. The ‘hoax’ he refers to is not the virus. The ‘hoax’ is the treatment of the virus by the media because of who is in office.
  3. Joe Biden would've immediately called a press conference announcing he is completely against Martian Law, saying "Look fat, look, no way should another planet write our laws, Jack!"
  4. politidope. lol how appropriate, since this guy still believes Trump called the Corona virus a hoax. Clearly Trump tried to downplay the virus in the hopes of quelling fear and panic, while at the same time taking measures to protect the U.S. His hopefulness turned out to be wrong. He often looks like a buffoon in his press briefings with his exaggerations. It's unfortunate the virus went deliberately unannounced by China, as thousands of people fled Wuhan China and spread the virus around the world. I don't know why Trump didn't put a stop to that. #orangemanbad.
  5. There you go, spreading the truth again. You realize that’s not allowed on CNN though, right?
  6. Wrong again. Hannity was referring to the "new hoax" Trump described in his rally speech in South Carolina I believe it was, at the end of February. You know, the one we've been talking about on here ad nauseum where the left spun Trump's words, and claimed he called the corona virus itself, a hoax. Thanks for posting; this article is yet another perfect example of the left spinning a story, and then spinning comments made about that story. Hopefully some start to see the light; although I doubt it.
  7. Well, he's been impeached for a lot less. I had not heard that, but it sounds like something that side would do. I have no idea what Sean Hannity said; I haven't caught his show for a few months. All I know is Trump never called it a hoax. Sadly, half the country continues to think he did thanks to the nonstop spin effort from the left.
  8. The ending script that will be your Bible has already been written, with one of two outcomes. #1. Through a combo of medicine and policy, the virus is contained quickly with very few lives lost. The stories written will say Trump did everything wrong; thankfully we got lucky. #2. The virus persists and is tough to contain, resulting in a significant loss of life and crippling of the economy. The stories written will say everything Trump did was wrong.
  9. The side show is CNN having Sean Penn interviewed for his expert advice on fighting global viral pandemics.
  10. There's no way to reason with some folks. Just remember, these are the same people who still think Trump referred to the coronavirus pandemic as a hoax. It's hard to drive home a point with people who refuse to acknowledge the actual facts.
  11. Oh, the irony of your last sentence.
  12. I like the one where “positive coverage of Obama slips to 43%”. Trump has been at about 7%. Which of course includes all the lies and hoaxes made up about him and the administration. I noticed none of those articles about the swine flu mentioned the world was going to end because Obama totally focked it up before it even started. The blame for the overreaction and panic we are dealing with today sits squarely on the shoulders of the main stream media. Perhaps that’s why Trump went off on Peter Alexander when Peter started with his question. I don’t agree with trump doing that, but with all the lies from the media he has to constantly deal with, I can understand why he has no time for them, and why he doesn’t really care what he says to them because he knows they will convolute and twist his statements anyway.
  13. I agree, it's always a circus atmosphere. And his narcissism makes everyone cringe. Most grown adults also realize the media inaccurately reports on this administration constantly in an effort to make him look bad. If a bunch of jackasses twisted my words in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, still writing columns 19 days after misrepresenting a statement I made by claiming I called it a hoax and wasn't doing a damn thing about it, I would tell them to pound sand, too. So would you. Btw I've asked this about 4 times in this thread but no one ever answers it; When you claim all presidents have to deal with this type of back and forth, can you point me to any links where the main stream media was calling out Obama before, during, or after over 12000 Americans died of the swine flu? Did anyone/everyone falsely claim he called it a hoax?
  14. No kidding! Ruin the country economically, no brainer. But we can’t take the chance a 98 year old on a ventilator has an adverse reaction
  15. Donald Trump and Mike Pence not wearing masks= we are all gonna die.
  16. No. My point was spinning is easy. And fun!
  17. They’re still holding out hope it gets worse.
  18. Looks like a couple of selfless warriors.
  19. Thankfully the FDA isn’t in charge of dry humor.
  20. As I've been hearing daily from the main stream media, no one could have taken it less seriously than us. So Italy must have been more prepared with testing. Yet they're all dropping like flies and we aren't. Weird disease.
  21. Do you honestly think don lemon bothered to mention that?
  22. Is it climbing faster, or are more test results coming in? Hopefully the precautions being taken are working. Thankfully our demographics and smoking habits are different than italy’s. Plus all their kissing doesn’t help them.
  23. Grocery stores must be doing pretty well too.
  24. Might have been record busy and short on staff....for some unknown reason.
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