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  1. Looks like less seating than the Betty???
  2. UND92

    2018 Season

    One item in your above post I will have to disagree with. The idea that "NDSU DEMANDS a winner and we are content to win a conference championship here and there" Until SU began its current string of success over the past 10+ years, I don't remember coaches getting fired on a regular basis from 1992-2006 or so. UND was the class of the NCC for those years. As much as I like Bubba, I do not know if he can get UND to where we all want to go (hope he does). SU's success has come with coaches with more DI experience, not DII coaching trying to become DI coaches. I hope last year was an aberration and Bubba and UND can turn things around this year. I truly think 2018 will be better than 2017, not sure if we can get back to what they were able to do in 2016.
  3. Did he play at all in game #2?
  4. Carson Shanks moves on without playing a minute in the game.
  5. Here's a Quote from this recruit: Sounds like a very coachable player. "On the basketball court I have always had the mindset that being "flashy" doesn't necessarily mean that you are fundamentally sound. I admire how Tim Duncan played the game. He never talked trash to the other team, he rarely argued with referees, and he didn't try to make the flashiest plays. Instead, he stuck to the fundamentals and played the game in a quiet, yet effective, way. In my opinion, he is someone who models good character. I strive to live my life the way I believe Duncan presented himself on the court: trustworthy, honorable, and productive."
  6. He's averaging 11.3 PTS on a team that only averages 55. 11.5 rebounds. This all sounds pretty good.
  7. http://www.inforum.com/sports/basketball/4386139-ada-borups-6-8-big-man-mason-miller-looking-ascend-new-heights The 6-8 sophomore is averaging 18 points and 15 rebounds this season for 7-2 Ada-Borup. He averaged 15 points and 12 rebounds as a freshman.
  8. These pictures show a Pretty Nice building. I for one am more for functionality and do not think Public Buildings should be built for Looks. When you are spending public dollars, conservative thought should win out. I don't think there is anything to be ashamed of with this building. I drive by it every week and it is pretty impressive.
  9. UND92

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Is he not about the same size as John Santiago? With a good OL Santiago is pretty good.
  10. I would expect a better showing tonight by UND. 5 guys in double figures should do it.
  11. This is a few years out but Mandan has a 6'7" Sophomore, Elijah Klein, who is still growing. Most likely will reach 6'9-6'10 in the next year or so. His mother graduated from UND so I hope Jones is looking at him. Could be a nice pick up for the 2020 incoming class.
  12. Do you purchase the same tickets every year when they go on sale or are you Guaranteed those tickets and they are not available to others to purchase? Sounds like the SL tickets are guaranteed to the same people each year.
  13. So do you agree with the SL policy of letting those who currently have tickets to be able to keep the same tickets each year? Shouldn't each team be allotted like 1,000 tickets to sell to their fan base and return them to General Sales if not sold. I don't think the same teams/fans should get the premium seats every year. Whoever wins the conference should get premium seats first.
  14. I would expect a SL Tournament could be played at either the Ralph or Alerus Center and seat 8,000+ at either. Having the tourney in SF every year is poor planning. Especially if current ticket holders get preferential treatment on next years seats.
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