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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Let’s keep this alive I’ve seen pics and looks fun. Great time of year.
  2. Really doing the lords work on this response! Thank you very much.
  3. These games all still matter in the pair wise right?
  4. Would love to if kids weren’t keeping me home this year. Count me in for next year.
  5. Can someone explain the penrose cup to me? They can win it tonight by being what? The regular season with the most points champions? Then what about who wins the frozen face off? thanks
  6. I am to literal at times.. yeah yeah.
  7. Dude. Is this literal satire? Two top 10 teams with 12 NHL draft picks means in talented teams to you man?
  8. I am one that could do this…
  9. Amazing performance and proving the next man up mentality is truth to this program. Boys really played some great North Dakota Hockey tonight. Everyone stepped up and played their part. Especially Driscoll. Just an amazing weekend while short handed.
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