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  1. I would love to chip in!! I love this forum and have watched links you’ve provided in the past. PM me your cash app or whatever you use and I would love to chip in as well. Thank you.
  2. I LOVE RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES AND UNICORNS. Everyone with two cents to rub together will vacate Minneapolis and larger cities. So, say goodbye to doctors, lawyers, and obviously police. What will you have left? No business.. no infrastructure. Just a bunch of rubble? lol. Also - who is inciting violence here? So much hypocrisy.
  3. @MafiaMan Hi, a little late here.. any hats left??! I'd love one. Can write a check, venmo, paypal or cashapp
  4. My fiance (Wife in a week!) will be attending this. Mark us down for 2!!! First time for us!
  5. Thank you good sir !!! I came here because I thought there might be a link somewhere. Love SiouxSports
  6. I agree. But u gotta jam 6ix9ine, 21 Savage and Young Dolph.
  7. WTFF??? I don't think gopher hockey or especially bison football needs to be ANYWHERE in the herald. Why does Fargo INSIST on trying to like hate on GF. Move on. GF doesn't care about Fargo... why does Fargo care so much about GF. They are jealous. I hate Fargo sooooooo much
  8. FightingSU

    2018 Season

    Awesome thanks. Totally gonna watch this football game and hockey later tonight 2?! Yeahh UND Gameday baby!!
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