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  1. I agree. But u gotta jam 6ix9ine, 21 Savage and Young Dolph.
  2. WTFF??? I don't think gopher hockey or especially bison football needs to be ANYWHERE in the herald. Why does Fargo INSIST on trying to like hate on GF. Move on. GF doesn't care about Fargo... why does Fargo care so much about GF. They are jealous. I hate Fargo sooooooo much
  3. FightingSU

    2018 Season

    Awesome thanks. Totally gonna watch this football game and hockey later tonight 2?! Yeahh UND Gameday baby!!
  4. FightingSU

    2018 Season

    So today's game matters.
  5. FightingSU

    2018 Season

    So I'm gonna watch the football game today. I dint know much about college football so I dint know how the post season works really to well but anyway. Does und have a chance at playoffs? I know there is only a couple games left. Are they going to playoffs? Are these next few games deciding factors at all? Or are they already not going. Thanks !
  6. Bro, who cares. It isn't on the clothes because its UGLY and also bc its as simple as this. Hockey gear with the bird most likely doesn't sell as well as hockey gear without the bird, and most def doesn't sell as good as the stuff with the Sioux head/Legacy logo on it. Period. *Eye Roll* Also, hockey fans are quite traditional... just the way it is. Pick something else to moan about. ....... Go Sioux! ........ #Sioux4Ever
  7. Understand the power of a dollar here, I do not care how the current lease or agreement is written. Contracts can ALWAYS be renegotiated, especially when HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars are involved. Rea/Kem and even UND have at least *roughly, 12 years to devise, plan and strategize a new contract.. or not. But most likely, some sort of renegotiation will happen, and I just do not beleive UND will get the Ralph. Maybe I'll be wrong. But that's my belief..
  8. Contracts can be renegotiated. Nothing is ever truly set in stone. If they can make a good deal. the u dint get the arena. Honestly. the may not truly want it. Gonna come with a lotttttttt of extra problems. Maintenance. Management.
  9. If u watch her interview. She has stronger sentimental feelings towards und and the fighting sioux and the hockey program than you think. The arena simply wont be handed over.
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