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  1. You don't want to see political statements, and then you turn around and make a political statement. M'kay… What you're really saying is I don't want to see any pro-Trump comments or arguments. You only want to see big orange man, very bad.
  2. What? Were you triggered by the Coronavirus thread? We could find you a safe space if you need it. Seriously, you sound like @jack from twitter. Let's squash any subject or title that you deem offensive or objectionable. Keep in mind, there may be others that want to read it.
  3. I had to look it up, 'dispossessing'... Interesting.
  4. I think that we're going to be improved over last year. No shame losing to Gonzaga they're a good basketball team.
  5. Jason's and McAlisters is fabulous.
  6. I thought it was a great article. This gives fans some closure.
  7. You are correct sir: They're power play is ranked 48th Miami 25/ 33 (75.8) However, UND's penalty kill is ranked 49th 2/25 (.08) One thing that has stuck out; UND is ranked 54 in penalty minutes. They’ve taken 7 penalties for 52 minutes that’s an average of 7.4 minutes per game. I know it means little until they get into league play and faceoff against rival opponents like UMD, UMN, and DU.
  8. Yeah, I would be real hard to survive on $365.000.
  9. It's time to get it out of our system. We all know that Brad Berry can't coach and only won with coach Hakstol's recruits. The program is stumbling and there needs to be a change at the top.
  10. Did you listen to the podcast? Stecher was really good friends with Murphy, and he was cut by the program.
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