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  1. It's time to get it out of our system. We all know that Brad Berry can't coach and only won with coach Hakstol's recruits. The program is stumbling and there needs to be a change at the top.
  2. Did you listen to the podcast? Stecher was really good friends with Murphy, and he was cut by the program.
  3. Hmm, interesting. Seems football lost a boatload of money, too.
  4. If you listen to this podcast, you will see that leaving was a decision by the coaching staff.
  5. Melvin

    UND Budget Cuts

    Whatever number UND takes into the SC, they have to have that number of sports for 8 years. So, if they're cutting a sport or two they have to do it very soon.
  6. There you go again ruining the narrative.
  7. This isn't happening. UND isn't leaving for the B1G
  8. I was going to ask the same question when Miller FOIAed the school and broke a story. I also thought Brad and Tom worked on the story when the finalization of switching leagues was happening.
  9. What is this guys name again? Twitter feed?
  10. That was a very smart move by the Gophers. During B1G football games, moving from the football stadium to the rink is a short walk and you don't need to lose your buzz.
  11. Making predictions in football are different than hockey. Don't you think that Schloss would've reported this if it was true?
  12. If I am not mistaken, he's been quoted a lot but been right like once, the Notre Dame move.
  13. Is it the same guy that you've been quoting over on Gopher Puck Live?
  14. That's a fake news story. There's no truth to it. Don't you think that if this was true someone in Grand Forks would be reporting on this information?
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