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  1. This says everything we need to know about your opinion on things. At least you're consistent.
  2. We already covered this... And of course, you followed that up with this gem: Seems like, as several other posters and I said, OVG has a better handle of their financial numbers than you do. And a better grasp of reality.
  3. Of note: in Vaughn's tweet, he specifically mentions 4 years. I'd imagine he's gunning for a starting job out of the gate.
  4. Ah yes, student athletes certainly deserve to lose their opportunity to play collegiate athletics because other people 15 years ago did something legal that others didn't like. Makes perfect sense. At what point does UND deserve karma for having a benefactor who held a nazi memorabilia party? Or is that different because it's UND?
  5. To be a tiny, tiny, tiny bit fair to UW, rowing is pretty huge in eastern Wisconsin. Favorite spot in that state, outside of Lambeau field, is having beers on the back patio of Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, watching the rowers go by.
  6. That's quite the take. Using the loss of opportunities for hundreds of students a year as a way to feel better about someone who hasn't been at a University for 13 years. These athletes were, at most, 11 when he was last president. Karma would be calling yourself a security hawk and then disappearing when someone you support gets busted for serious security violations. Or is that just hipocracy?
  7. Mitchell calls himself, Wright and Vaughn a deadly trio. Would be awesome!
  8. I realize now you just mistyped in the first sentence and meant FCS. In that case, your second sentence makes a bit more sense in that I could see them going to an FCS WAC. You know, the same thing you said wouldn't happen but officials are quoted as saying it's coming.
  9. I assume this is basketball you're talking about? Is there a rule that a team can't play two road games against sub D1 competition in a single year? Edit: I found it: NCAA Bylaw states: “An institution may schedule and play not more than four basketball games, including any contest (e.g., scrimmage, exhibition), in an academic year against institutions that are not members of Division I. (Revised: 3/1/12)” This language is also reinforced by Southland Operating Code 3.02.02 (Non-Division I Opponents). So there isn't an issue with two non D1 counters joining the league in the same year, however none of the SL teams could then play any other non D1 games. The Southland did get a waiver from the NCAA when those two teams were added so there is a precedent for being able to add two at once and still play other non D1 teams.
  10. southpaw


    It almost seems as if there may be some driving force behind the team not adopting some jerseys that would say Hawks diagonally. I think someone would win the jackpot if they could just figure out what it is...
  11. He did, but wasn't Offensive or Defensive coordinator.
  12. Current list of Big Sky and MVFC schools with head coaches who were previously FBS O/DCs or HCs: Cal Poly Idaho Idaho St Montana Mt St NAU Sac St Davis IL St IN St YSU Based on your expert analysis that former FBS coordinators are great at helping schools move up, it looks like 75% of the Big Sky and just three MVFC teams will be going FBS.
  13. *you're © @MafiaMan Do lots of horribly unsuccessful OCs from P5 schools become G5 HCs? I doubt it. And so his credentials, that led you to call him a coach capable of helping Cal Poly go FBS, are that he coached well at a poorer FCS school and then had a demonstrably bad role as a P5 OC? No experience as HC above FCS, no success at FBS, and no experience transitioning a school from one level to another. You're basing it on all the fact that other P5 OCs have become G5 HCs?
  14. Yup, they're scheduled vs Cal next year. Once again, I must have missed this part in your answer: how does being an incredibly unsuccessful offensive coordinator in FBS then make you qualified to lead a team from FCS to FBS?
  15. You didn't answer my question. But yes, I do think Beau was a very unsuccessful FBS OC, mainly due to the fact Cal finished last in the PAC12 nearly every major offensive category. So, once again I ask: Just curious, but how does being an incredibly unsuccessful offensive coordinator in FBS then make you qualified to lead a team from FCS to FBS?
  16. Just curious, but how does being an incredibly unsuccessful offensive coordinator in FBS then make you qualified to lead a team from FCS to FBS?
  17. I'm really hoping so. I'll be in Czechia for three of the U.S. games and would love to see him out there!
  18. Agreed. I'd love to watch from Germany.
  19. You're comparing an athletic department employee to a career academic? Seriously?
  20. So the moon isn't actually made of cheese, despite what many notable books say. Those books have made a lot of money. SiouxVolley has shown no regard for how this news will affect the cheese stock market.
  21. Classic Siouxvolley post sequence here: Makes an asinine post, claiming something that can easily be disputed. When it is disputed, claim the other person doesn't know anything about some random other topic.
  22. There are some old games on YouTube and I bet someone has some DVDs if you're only interested in watching Fighting Sioux hockey.
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