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  1. Uncle Andy it is. Having interacted with him several times in the past, I think he is a great choice for UND. Despite what some people who have never met him have said about him, he very easily transitions between military and civilian worlds.
  2. What part about me using a hypothetical on offense to compare the inability of the current D coordinator to adjust do you not understand? Let's try again: Rudy wasted Santiago because he didn't adjust to John's skills. Santiago was never going to be a run up the middle kind of back, yet how many times did we see just that? No adjustment for the skills, abilities and weaknesses of a player. The offense suffered and Rudy got fired. Compare that to the D, where Schmidt is playing a D that requires a big body up front. If you don't have that body, you need to adjust. How many times this year did we see the 3 linemen get eaten up a single block each, then 2 LBs both get covered by their linemen, leaving 10+ yard rushes over and over. Schmidt hasn't adjusted to the modern game and the D is suffering because of it.
  3. I'm just using that as a hypothetical. Freund isn't going to run vertical routes every play if he doesn't have a QB who can throw. Why is Schmidt running the same old system if he doesn't have the right type of players?
  4. If you don't have a QB who can throw more than 20 yards downfield, you adjust your playbook to fit your players. If you don't have a large body up front, you need to adjust to fit your players. Schmidt isn't doing that.
  5. Hoping all UND fans are safe after 11 people shot in NOLA overnight : CNN: Shooting on the edge of the French Quarter leaves 11 injured in New Orleans. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/01/us/new-orleans-shooting-french-quarter/index.html
  6. He didn't tweet anything about supporting Jones after MBB lost to end their season. He didn't tweet anything about supporting Brad Berry after the season. Of course he's not going to publicly criticize his coach. But he also doesn't need to send out that tweet unless he truly has Bubba's back in this. That's unfortunate. I watched the game last night on my phone and every time they showed Bubba, he looked like he had no clue what was going on in the game. Only time he showed any sort of emotion was talking to the ref about Maag being held. Just looked outright confused the whole time.
  7. With the WAC looking to add FCS teams, they too would eventually take one of the autobids. Lots of moving parts, but imagine a 32 team tournament if WAC, SWAC, MEAC and Ivies all decide they want the autobid.
  8. Apologies, I didn't come to the logical conclusion that playing in freezing temperatures is similar to getting dressed in a tent before the game. Clearly, those are similar.
  9. No, what I don't see is how anything you said in your post shows parallels between a UND vs Livingston St game in 1975 and this weekend's game.
  10. Only you would compare the endowments of two schools when talking about the similarities between two teams 44 years apart.
  11. Having a producer, director, announcer and sound guy on the same page with a knowledge of the sport is huge. But so is having the band director and marketing staff. So much dead air happens when the band isn't ready or when marketing staff doesn't have people ready for the next stoppage.
  12. Point 1: Again, the speakers don't affect the huddle communication. Especially, after the speaker fixes a couple years ago. It's literally never an issue. Ambient noise from people talking during the game is just as loud on the field. Point 2: The video board is not there for the handful of fans who refuse to stand up when their view is blocked. The cameras from the in-house feed are 10% for the live play (0% presnap), 50% for fan engagement and 40% replays. Point 3: Send UND an email.
  13. I take issue with all 3 of your points, mainly because I've run the video board at multiple D1 venues. First, the audio on the field from music is not nearly as loud as it is in the stands. The speakers are positioned and tuned for the fan experience, that music isn't going to affect a team during the huddle. Music also shouldn't be used or expected to cause issues with the opposing team. That's what yelling fans are for. The video boards are not there to show only the game. If you want to watch it on a screen instead of looking at the live thing happening in front of you, stay at home and watch it on TV. There is nothing wrong with showing the replay of a TD immediately after a touchdown. Many people want to see that right away. Yes, you show the TD replay after the XP, but why wouldn't you show it after the TD?
  14. That's such a stupid generalization and you clearly know nothing about the man.
  15. southpaw


    It's the kid's choice. If he has a plan to graduate in 4 years and he is good enough to play in his freshman year, he doesn't get redshirted. Unless you'd only want him for 3 years on the field.
  16. No, but if they schedule a cup-cake for those two games that's hypothetically another win, which definitely puts them in the playoffs each time.
  17. Both in and out of conference, UND has the most goals for of any NCHC team and the largest goal differential. After 4 league games, UND has 17 goals for and 7 against. GD is +10. The second best is three teams at +2. After 11 total games, UND has 44 goals and 17 against. GD is +27. The second best is DU at +14 through 12 games.
  18. southpaw

    2019 Season

    With regionalization, we're going to be on the road in round 2, most likely at one of the SUs.
  19. I'm going to trust a rep from the athletic department joining the WAC over what you say on this one. The autobid in FCS isn't as big of a thing as you make it out to be. Once they get enough members, they'll have a conference for scheduling purposes until they get that autobid. It's not incredibly hard to have at least one team from your scholarship football conference make the playoffs without the autobid.
  20. "The schools in the conference do not play football, so the Texans will play an independent schedule for a few years until the league brings football back, Tarleton Association Director of Athletic Communications Ryan Cox said." An FCS WAC? Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah...
  21. southpaw

    On to UNC

    What good is a deep threat if your QB can't chuck the pigskin?
  22. southpaw

    Weber St GDT

    Well here's that quality loss we were looking for.
  23. southpaw

    Weber St GDT

    FG good. 27-20 UND. 7 min left.
  24. Certainly looks like NDSU needs to join the B10 in football because they have empty seats for the game today.
  25. southpaw

    Weber St GDT

    Sometimes Danny tries to go to his bag of tricks too often.
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