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  1. They most likely will be used to show stats and ads. That's exactly what the Pepsi Center did when they updated their center board. You wouldn't want to see these next to the ones in the Betty as the quality would be significantly less on the old ones. Also, it's not as simple as setting up some giant big screen TVs if you were putting them in the Olympic. You need to move a good amount of equipment, run new wiring and then program the Daktronics Venus computer to run all of the ads or videos that have to be precreated created and loaded. Which is basically more work than they're worth.
  2. But how many times have you said we shouldn't believe a report like that? Just last month you told us not to believe a report about an FCS WAC, but now you're all about believing this one?
  3. UND moved up to 18 after the win last night. With Jim's PWR Predictor, this would be a good place to discuss both UND and other teams' movements in the PWR.
  4. Suggestion that UConn should drop to FCS due to financials: SB Nation: Why UConn should probably drop to FCS and leave the AAC. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/1/18/18187320/uconn-football-aac-fcs
  5. That's a ridiculous comparison. It's a damn golf course that was losing money. Financially, during a difficult budget situation due to decisions from previous presidents it was a good decision to close it and sell off the equipment. The handling of the reaction to donors was crap and now UND is scrambling to abide by the wishes of angry donors, even if it costs the university money. But, which is worse? Closing a golf course and trying to sell it or keeping it open and cutting another educational program?
  6. https://forum.siouxsports.com/search/?&q=Vegas&author=southpaw&search_and_or=or You need to get better at making up lies that can't be proven wrong. Not a single post by me for or against the NHL in Vegas.
  7. In the history of college sports have two conferences ever "traded" schools?
  8. Wrong again. The WAC's excuse for adding GCU was because it was hemorrhaging teams left and right. The stability that was there when DU joined was gone and they jumped ship. Adding GCU and losing Denver happened for the same reason , but the latter was not because of the former.
  9. Cam was just called up to the Devils. Gotta say, I never thought he would get there. Congrats to him.
  10. It's cute you think asking for facts and refuting the ramblings of an old man is considered hate.
  11. So you'll move on from the Summit moving up but what will be the "new" way for UND to get FBS? So far, you've had the Big Sky, WAC and Summit all moving up. I suppose you haven't mentioned just the MVFC. I guarantee you'll still be around posting your lies, calling everyone trolls, and acting like a child when others can't read minds, stocks or Biblical references like you.
  12. Dallas gets the 2020 Winter Classic but no opponent has been announced. It has to be Austin, right?
  13. So the math you did in your head is better than what a company like OVG can do?
  14. So that's a no on any report about the new arena and hockey.
  15. You do realize a concert capacity is bigger than a sporting event capacity? The Ralph can hold an extra 1,500 for concerts. The MTS Center in Winnipeg had 17,000 for a concert but is low 15,000 for hockey. The upper deck is included in the capacity listed for concerts, which means the arena is most likely too small for the NHL. The article you posted says nothing about the new arena. You once again are creating connections that just aren't there. Let's see just one article or blog post or anything that indicates ice making equipment will be installed in this arena. It can't be that hard if you're citing all these sources as proof you're right.
  16. You do realize that concert seating of 17k means actual sporting event seating of 15k? That's less than the Jets stadium which is already considered small by NHL standards. It's shocking an MLS owner thinks a team in Texas would have more people attend and attract better players than a team in Ohio. Houston and Atlanta are also much higher on the HQ list than Austin but where are their NHL teams? Please provide a single article that says anything about ice or hockey related in this new arena and I'll gladly recant any negative comment I've said about how full of !@#$ you are. But if you can't, I think it's once again time you take another break from SS.com because of your constant lies and bs.
  17. Not a mention about ice making equipment in that article, but I'm sure they just missed that part in such an extensive piece. You clearly are more informed. It's incredible how much !@#$ you make up.
  18. You certainly love to stretch the truth on dang near everything. Here's the "report" from TSN: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tsn.ca/insider-trading-are-there-any-unknown-markets-the-nhl-could-expand-to-1.1222220%3ftsn-amp "But Austin, Texas, is an interesting market. Right now it's an AHL city with an 8,000-seat stadium, so they would obviously need to build another rink. There isn't an ownership group that has stepped forward and said that they want in on Austin, but it is an intriguing market for the NHL that could one day down the road be on the radar because it's a faster growing market and it is a unique niche." That "report" you mention is 3 sentences. That's the whole thing and it's buried in a blog post.
  19. Your predictions are so stuck on FBS. I don't believe the WAC is trying to get FCS teams in order to go FBS. If I was going to predict something, I would say the WAC will add 4 D2 schools as part of a new WAC FCS and will either poach at least 2 current FCS schools or pick up schools with new FB programs. I also think they'll be open to affiliate FB schools too to get the league up to or above 6.
  20. Throw a K in there please.
  21. So Loghry openly talks about his frustration with being passed over for a job he clearly wanted and you think that means Loghry would have passed on the offer? Your logic is ridiculous. You claimed Williams' experience at the Big 10 would be very beneficial to the BS in going FBS. Shockingly, you were wrong. You then also claimed she would go to the WAC and the WAC guy would go to the BS. Also wrong. Based on your previous predictions, doesn't Loghry going to the WAC signify the WAC will add FCS football? Certainly, you don't see a deputy athletic director at an FCS conference being the type of hire you would want if you were a conference looking to go FBS.
  22. I assume the Summit gave them some assurances that they would be accepted otherwise there are not too many conference options for them.
  23. I certainly made freshman mistakes well into my junior year
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