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    Bubba extension

    Yes, I did four semesters of 30+ hours a wekk of free work to start my career. Followed by a very stressful, even lower-paying job than a football coach. At no point have I questioned anyone's work ethic, livelihood or well-being. I have questioned whether the average level of success achieved by the football team is deserving of an extension for the head coach. While technically a 37-32 record is above average, I don't believe it is adequate as you called it. Zero playoff wins in six seasons is not adequate. I know Bubba will get us to the playoffs 3 out of 5 seasons, but I want better. And I think the UND football team, fans and alumni should to.
  2. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    I work in a career field that is incredibly competitive. I have 90-day Objectives and Key Results that I, and all of my colleagues, need to hit every quarter over and over. Yes, there is room for a bad quarter here and there. But there also are never two quarters in a row where my OKRs are at the same level. In my job, I must continuously improve and provide value to our company and consumers. If I'm not hitting those targets, I'm out of a job. Why is it too much to expect the same of a head coach? Chaves likely has set season OKRs for him. An injury riddled season is understandable, it's out of his hands. But he needs to be improving and reaching bigger targets. Just making the playoffs every year isn't progressing. Losing to ISU every year isn't showing improvement year over year. Why do we hold our head football coach to a lower standard than someone working in the business world? Just because he is a nice guy and came from UND?
  3. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    Remember when we had a future FBS head coach apply for the job and they lost out to Bubba? No, UND isn't getting a current FBS coach to head to GF, but to say UND should be happy with Bubba because it's not a destination school is crap. Get a coach on the rise instead of collecting a series of seasons just good enough to make the playoffs and then lose.
  4. southpaw

    Bubba extension

    As some have mentioned, I'm going to wait until the details come out before I praise or am super internet angry about the contract extension. There's so many scenarios that could play out. I'm just hoping there's wording in there where he can seamlessly be transitioned to a fundraising position at any point following this coming season. I'd think giving Danny two more years at OC would be beneficial but for once I think we have an internal candidate who legitimately should be our next head coach.
  5. Tell that to the Swiss Hockey League where they'll play the playoffs in empty arenas, or the city of Venice which is a ghost town, or literally anyone here in a town with at least one infected person. Only in the US could a deadly virus be considered a hoax...
  6. Oh, so now that must make phone call is just a courtesy? You made it sound like an absolute necessity. Perhaps only broadcasting 8 effing games from venues doesn't require a phone call. CBSSN has broadcasted games from Air Force where the game cam is in the middle of the press box with the front legs on a table, tight cam is on a mobile platform, and the announcers are calling the game from a folding table directly behind the top row of fans. There are no fiber or triax runs and your entire production truck needs to be searched before being allowed on campus. It's literally the worst place in college hockey to broadcast a game and yet they still do it. Of course CBS would prefer to do games from the Ralph but don't act like venues are an issue. Of all the times you've made an ass of yourself with horrible predictions that are insanely wrong, you're well out of your league on this one.
  7. There is the confirmation that you know nothing about college hockey and broadcast contracts. CBS is broadcasting 8 of 192 conference games. Plus 3 more tournament games and none of the entire first round.
  8. What does CBS have to do with what schools are accepted to the NCHC? You clearly don't understand how games are picked for broadcast on CBS. And are you really insinuating that Mankato winning a championship is going to drive up significant interest in viewers in the twin cities would be a tipping point for the nchc accepting Mankato? Hint: The NCHC isn't bringing in money from CBS broadcasts. And it certainly isn't concerned about an extra couple of thousand people watching the 1-2 games that would feature Mankato each year if they were accepted.
  9. None of us are missing that. We're all in agreement that the NCHC is a destination conference and that you have to be special to get in. Where we disagree is what needs to be special to get in. Some believe attracting fans after having a successful year is what matters. Other feel that a long-term financial commitment to hockey is more important. I'd rather have CC with its sporadic success but financial resources. Others prefer a school like Mankato that is growing but somehow needs to rely on an additional 300 people per game to be considered.
  10. Some people actually do know what they're talking about on this board. Fortunately, Brad Schlossman's extensive set of articles about the formation of the NCHC shows you're once again wrong:
  11. That's the type of instability the NCHC wants to avoid. It shouldn't take a championship for a program to become financially viable. Look at Providence... they're 5 years removed from a championship, have recently won in a top conference, and have shrinking attendance. If a school is relying on fans to show up after a championship, then it's not financially stable. Every program is going to have ups and downs, but if a program goes without any sort of success for a dozen years, they should still be improving their financial commitment. Michigan Tech hasn't won a championship since 1975, so I don't see how those are relevant. Yes, Tech has played hockey for a long time and their program is not going to fold anytime soon. That's completely different from showing a financial commitment to hockey. Coaches salaries are a good indicator. From the data i found, not a single coach in the WCHA can make more than $300,000 including incentives. And now the NCHC base salaries: Berry $400,000 Sandelin $400,000 Murray $230,000 plus $110,000 in appearance/media fees Bergeron $305,000 Gabinet $250,000 As a private school, CC and DU aren't listed, but CC is building a new on-campus arena despite a huge lack of success in the NCHC. That's a financial commitment to hockey that is what separates the schools the NCHC wants to include from ones who do just enough to keep their program around.
  12. You literally posted that Mankato likely needs to win a championship to get into the NCHC. What does that have to do with the economic and academic viability you are now touting. The NCHC was formed once the writing was on the wall that the B1G teams were leaving the WCHA. That meant there were a significant number of schools still in the conference who didn't have a history of prioritizing hockey: the Alaskas, Bemidji, Mankato, Tech, and SCSU. The other 5 started discussions with Miami, Western, and Notre Dame. The Irish had their NBCSN deal which the nchc coveted but not if it wasn't going to be an even split. After months of discussions, the NCHC schools said no to Notre Dame's demands one last time. That left 7 schools and they needed an 8th. Looking at the options at the time, you realistically only had SCSU and maybe Ferris St and BG. St Cloud had already shown more financial commitment to hockey compared to the other two so they were added. None of it had to do with winning or media market like you say are why St Thomas and ASU will be added. The future of the NCHC is with schools in the region who improve the commitment to hockey.
  13. Bingo. But what would I know about the NCHC, I'm just naive about what happened with Notre Dame.
  14. The NCHC didn't form because of academics and media market and that's not going to drive the addition of new members. If it had, Notre Dame would have been a founding member of the NCHC. Instead, the new conference walked away from the Irish. New members will only be added if they've demonstrated both a significant commitment of athletic department personnel for hockey AND a significant commitment of financial resources. On ice success obviously is helpful, but to think Mankato needing to win a championship plays any role in their acceptance to the NCHC is naive. Mankato's best chance for joining the NCHC is ASU finishing their arena. A Bemidji/Mankato for WMU/Miami trade is a net loser for the NCHC because of the money each school contributes to the conference. While the conference is now self-supporting, there are still amounts that need to be paid per school each year.
  15. Like I said in early 2016, if UND wins a national championship, everyone can leave. They've earned it and I wouldn't feel bad if a player decided to go after a natty.
  16. Michigan Tech owns the MacNaughton, so it goes with them.
  17. Just wait until the faculty find out EWU is adding thousands of seats and millions of dollars in expenses: https://www.inlander.com/spokane/ewu-faculty-write-report-suggesting-cuts-to-athletics-budget-or-even-eliminating-it-entirely/Content?oid=19099082
  18. Just three hours? We were out there at 8am.
  19. I think getting our QB1 experience should be the first goal. Outside of Schuster for a bit last year, none of these guys have played any college football.
  20. Twins still made a similar deal with the Dodgers, plus a couple of minor leaguers and some cash money.
  21. That was my impression too. And I wasn't disparaging the Engelstads or their donations, but I was curious about why we should be thinking about the potential for a donation for the HPC when there haven't been any visible donations outside of hockey.
  22. When has the Engelstad Foundation donated money to UND athletics outside of hockey? I haven't been able to find any articles saying they have.
  23. That horn has a 14-1-0 record. You don't change a thing. It was absolutely loved by the fans in the arena in Ostrava. Outside of cheap beers, good hockey, 6,000 friendly Canadians, and great hosts it was the best thing those two weeks.
  24. But why would a team reject FBS when there are billions to be made, if they just move up by the 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 deadline!
  25. As has been mentioned in other posts, they mistakenly checked the elevation for Loveland Pass/Ski Area west of Denver instead of the city of Loveland north of Denver. Even Estes Park is below 8,000 feet but if you're talking the RMNP area, then you're looking at 14,000+ but I doubt anyone is playing on Longs Peak. Chasm Lake would be an amazing place for an outdoor skate though!
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