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  1. So you believe progress is sticking to printing newspapers? It's been 13 years since I've had a physical newspaper subscription. Progress is adapting to the digital age, not focusing on print .
  2. It's why Germany is dropping 3 billion euros to try and get solid state batteries developed. They know the future is not in lithium and don't want to be reliant on Asian companies creating batteries for all of the electronic vehicles. The quarter thing, or euro in Germany, is nice but it's hardly a mechanical refund. When you lock the cart to the one in front of it, you're manually pushing the coin back out with the "key." As for shopping at Aldi, it is great except when they don't get a shipment for a month of something you're used to buying. They get massive shipments of stuff and once it's gone, you may never see it again. Im sure there is a system but it's pretty random.
  3. He is now the most accurate predictor on the board!
  4. And if you get rid of last season he is 63-28-8. It's just as meaningless as taking away the championship season.
  5. Appreciate your updates every game and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  6. He was certainly no Weeb Ewbank.
  7. Who moves the team's #2 faceoff guy from the dot for a rookie wing for an offensive zone faceoff with slightly more than a minute to go in the biggest game of the year so far? That decision is 100% on the coaches and it directly led to the game winner.
  8. I assume he saw Iowa St over Drake?
  9. I must have missed the offensive coordinator title you seem to think Freund has had at UND the past 5 seasons. Should Agnew be fired because the QB and OLine sucked? Or should he instead be fired because his boss refused to get creative or use the assets correctly?
  10. I watched 2 of last 3, then checked the score Saturday night, saw it was so bad and laughed. Unfortunately, not a surprising result at this point.
  11. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4531446-und-football-coach-bubba-schweigert-makes-coaching-staff-shakeup#.W_Mg-uwNFjA.twitter
  12. And big bucks for 85 scholarships, plus higher coaches salaries all for the right to play teams none of their fans care about.
  13. I would love to see the quote in that article that says they needed to cut sports for FBS. The problem for you is that there isn't one. From the article you mention: "Bottom line: Probably the only way UIW can alter the forecast for financial bleeding in its athletic department is to cut back on the number of sports." And: "But such a strategy, experts say, is not a realistic one for a Division I-FCS school with millions in expenses, including funding for 63 football scholarships that can be divided up any way among a maximum of 85 players." The best part of searching for Incarnate Word FBS is that lists your posts on another board, in which we can see everyone else knows you're as crazy as we know.
  14. And not really "split" as much as move down and join EVERYONE in FCS. That doesn't make any sense and for anyone to suggest that means they know little to nothing about FCS.
  15. Michael has shown he runs the best social media sites for any conference in college hockey. Fortunately, he has been given a lot of leeway to add in little jabs here and there. It helps that he knows the people he responds to with pictures like that
  16. "I read great minds, nobody reads minds like me. nobody!!! I am the best at reading the minds." - SiouxVolley
  17. Or it had to be cut to meet the massive budget issues facing UND, both as an educational institution and as an athletic department.
  18. I wonder what the window it flew into looks like...
  19. Please come to Europe, please come to Europe, please come to Europe.
  20. Once again, you talk up a source to fit your narrative. In this case, it is a student reporter writing an opinion piece. And in this one, which again is the opinion of a person a few years out of high school, he says the best option right now is to go to the RMAC. However, why can't the Big Sky add one more team? It's not like 11/13 are magic numbers for scheduling. I could see a scenario where CWU goes to the big sky and if the other two move up, they would be part of a WAC FCS conference. But, I don't have the opinion of a 22 year old student to support it, so it's clearly not going to happen.
  21. Very rarely in collegiate sports. There are too many bridges in athletics that you don't want to burn them. Just a few years ago, the WAC was on life support. Now it has some schools without major ties. It's trying to strengthen those ties with schools willing to move up to FCS. Yet, despite that experience in corporate forecasting, you've missed completely and continually with your college sports predictions. You remind me of an orange haired fellow* who thinks his business experience helps him in other venues, yet is the laughing stock of America and the world. When confronted with continuously being wrong, you cry fake news and throw out another crazy idea. Prime example, you declared UND wouldn't go to the Summit, but now they're playing a full Summit schedule. However, you're now claiming it's part of a plot to lure the 4 BS members to the Summit. Those schools you listed are ALSO the most viable move ups if no FBS moves happen. We are talking about a completely new FCS FB conference in the West. When in the last time that happened? *not meant as a political post but the best, and most widely known, comparison I could think of this morning.
  22. Why is it happening? Read the dang reports. In 3 of the 4 cases he mentioned, the schools have all been contacted by the WAC about possibly joining including a WAC FCS football conference. It's in the schools' reports and get SV just can't believe that really is all there is to it.
  23. None of that answered anything I posted. Please tell me, who knows about all of these moves that are about to happen? Presidents would be the first answer obviously but in my experience, most conference moves at least have significant rumours or leaks before any announcement. The second answer is clearly you, somehow. There are so many universities involved in your predictions, someone outside of the presidents must know. Who are they?
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