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  1. None of those stats are accurate. Instead of saying infected, it should say have tested positive. NY is testing more people than SD and CA. If you can't test less than 1/5 of the people who have symptoms, your numbers of positive tests will always be low.
  2. Good to see you're moving the goalposts. As a doctor, I'd like to think you know how epidemics work and that averaging out deaths over the full length of time is ridiculous until it's over. The average weekly death rate in the US tells us nothing other than it was slow to start and gets worse over time, just like any pandemic or even the flu season.
  3. It took one month for the US to go from one to 2,000 deaths from coronavirus. It took 48 hours to go from 1,000 to 2,000. 401 died Friday, 525 died yesterday. It's only going to get worse because most states aren't taking drastic enough measures so it's going to keep spreading.
  4. Apparently Berry won Coach of the Year in NCHC. Shocking how nobody has mentioned it here.
  5. Berry liked Chesley's tweet announcing he was going to NTDP.
  6. Apologies. I misquoted the information. We'll pass the average number of deaths per day during the 2017 calendar year (the last year they have specific numbers for).
  7. 152.5 for Flu and Pneumonia according to the CDC.
  8. Today (Tuesday), the daily number of deaths from Coronavirus in the U.S. will top the daily number of deaths from the flu this season. 2/3rds of them will be outside of New York.
  9. Man, going from Wisconsin to Tempe from September - May.
  10. Here = Germany. I'm pointing out that people aren't trying to get rich off a pandemic over here, whereas in the states, lots of people are me me me.
  11. I guess I missed the part where I said people were celebrating. But there's certainly a lot of people saying it's not a big deal because the person would have died from something else. Sure, they probably would have but they wouldn't have died this week and that's the point. Yeah, lots of people die from the flu, and drunk driving, and choking but none of that should diminish the deaths caused by this.
  12. Here it's because of need. People aren't buying cases full of it and trying to make a buck off it. Most will get a bottle or two and make sure there's more for others. I can still get toilet paper at every store, just not hand sanitizer. The media coverage here has been 100% on how big of a virus this is and how it could shut down the EU. No politics about it. Nobody calling the seriousness of it a hoax. That's the biggest difference between coverage here and in the states on this. Both countries have journalists pointing out how serious this is and yet the response by the people has been incredibly different.
  13. The attitude that some of you have that you don't care about people dying from this because they're already old or sick is pathetic.
  14. Because you can't buy hand sanitizer here. It's just like it is in the US, the second it's on the shelves, it's sold out. And hand sanitizer, mask and gloves aren't going to prevent you from getting coronavirus. It will help but if you're in a giant group of people, you have a higher chance of getting it.
  15. Want to see where America will be in a week? Look at Europe today. People not packing into bars and restaurants, limiting number of people allowed on a store at a time, borders closing to everyone but commuters and freight, public transportation shutting down.
  16. That's unfortunately very true. Germany, Italy and South Korea all have a higher life expectancy, lower child mortality, lower maternal mortality, lower burden of disease, and significantly lower healthcare expenditures vs GDP.
  17. What's the major difference between the death toll in Italy vs South Korea? The policies put in place by the governments of those countires. SK had 10x the cases in mid-February when they shut the country down. Italy, chose to be lax about it, and now they're number two in deaths with nearly double the number of cases per million as South Korea. Nobody is expecting the government to save you from viruses. But maybe having testing kits available would be helpful. The CDC chose to create their own (defective) tests instead of using the proven WHO ones. South Korea is testing 10,000 people a day. As of yesterday, the U.S. has tested fewer than 16,000. Right now, in the U.S. if you're incredibly sick and have flu-like symptoms you need to go to the hospital. At that point, you're almost hoping you have coronavirus because if it comes back as the flu then you're getting stuck with a massive bill. Here in Germany, if I have similar symptoms as above and go to the hospital, I pay nothing for my visit regardless if its the flu, coronavirus or cancer. And I pay about $85 a month for my private health insurance on top of the government option. That's great claims for Covid 19 will be paid out (who knows how quickly) but as usual, you're screwed if you don't have good insurance and you get anything else.
  18. How about starting with those responsible for cutting the NSC Pandemic Response team in 2018. Even if they say they "I don't take responsibility at all," they are responsible for ensuring a quick and effective response. After the first 15 cases were reported, the conversation needed to be about stopping its spread and not on Wall Street or how the cases will very shortly be zero.
  19. I have no medical expertise but I defer to experts who look at all data instead of discarding unpleasant data. Excuse me if I don't have a lot of faith in governmental research in the US right now. If you're going to call Italy an outlier, then so is South Korea, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. The second death in the US was on March 1st. There have been 40 more in the last 13 days. Definitely not scary numbers right now. But considering the average death comes 17 days after symptoms, and the spread is uncontained in the US right now and the numbers will undoubtedly rise. Not to mention keeping someone in the hospital for 17 days til they die is going to shut down our hospital system. You're going to see more and more deaths because people can't get the care they need, whether from Covid 19 or something else. Even the number of deaths from the regular flu is going to spike this year due to lack of facilities.
  20. Amazing that if you remove one of the countries with the worst transmission rate, the average goes down. Italy? We can't base it off them! Let's just pick China and South Korea, two countries that have had a significantly harsher and quicker response to the outbreak than America. The medium article posted before does a great job of showing the transmission rates throughout the world. Guess whose rate America matches the most? Italy.
  21. https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1238509859856924672?s=20
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