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  1. This is just plain silly. You are really saying that if I had just expected the team to go 10-0 they would be undefeated now by living up to my expectations? I guess I will try that from here on out and into next year. Just think of the power I will have as I recruit my friends to do the same.
  2. Nothing concrete. Just from being around Lowell a little and the program in general. Same as any other booster
  3. Lowell has no pull.
  4. I think if he falls forward (his backside) he might get it. instead he tried to sidestep the defender and came up short.
  5. Wanzek back in and with the TD
  6. went for 2 and didn't get it
  7. Boltmann still busting his hind end. Not sure about the rest.
  8. Tom Miller said McKinney out hurt along with Wanzek. I averted my eyes for a while. What happened to McKinney?
  9. I'm guessing a financial decision at least in part.
  10. If he can stay out of prison he wouldn't last 2 weeks at UND. Brown has been charged with four felony counts of blackmail, four felony counts of identity theft and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication.
  11. His bio says he did get a masters at UND. Undergrad from Jamestown.
  12. Bubba's not an alum unless he got a masters at UND.
  13. we were better than them on both sides of the ball for most of the 1st quarter and then just cratered. wow
  14. outplaying them for 3 of every 4 plays and kill ourselves with penalties and big plays. Tough to watch
  15. TV called the TD play right before they ran it. Maybe UND should watch some tape on ISU
  16. doing everything possible to lose this game. dive at legs on sideline and he hurdles you for the first down. Just corral him and get the ball back
  17. should be 10-3 at worst. could be 14-3
  18. Terrible. Stupid penalties on both sides of the ball
  19. wr needs to know where the sticks are and run his route beyond that.
  20. Stick got flipped into the stands. UND negotiated with the fan to trade for an old Bowen stick. Told him there were a few goals still left in that one. He agreed and Bowen went out and got the 2 goals.
  21. I cast it from my laptop and didn't have problems. I do miss the option to cast from the app on my phone.
  22. And we're mad at Bubba that we ran the ball 3 times after the interception while Bubba is quoted as saying Kett should have pulled the ball and thrown it during that series.
  23. I never blamed a coach when I missed a kick and don't know how they could have coached me differently. Although I wasn't above blaming the snap or the hold The coaches generally left us alone and didn't tinker with our mechanics. These guys have the ability (as shown by the game winner) but need to perform on the field.
  24. I don't remember seeing any of the coaches punt or kick a ball yet this year but I have missed a few plays.
  25. the crowd doesn't always know what is going on. Kett had the option to throw the ball on one of those downs when we ran it 3 times and missed the fg. Per Bubba his read should have been to pull the ball out and throw a pass instead. He made a decision but the run wasn't preordained. Per the Herald article today - After C.J. Siegel returned an interception 58 yards to the 21 after a fourth-down pick, the Hawks went to the run game with 7:15 to go in the fourth quarter. UND ran twice with James Johannesson and once with Dalton Gee for a total of two yards. That led to a 36-y
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