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  1. I do have to say that I am not a fan of hs kids transferring for athletics. That's what college is for. I don't have any experience with being the parent of an elite player but I do as a parent of a good player who was displaced by kids that transferred. We had 5, 4 and 3 kids transfer to play basketball at my son's grade level during his freshman, sophomore and junior years. 12 new players that weren't there when the local kids were in 8th grade. That doesn't even count the ones that came in the grades around him. We had 40 kids playing travel basketball in his 8th grade class with two top playing at the top 'A' level. By their senior year there was only one still playing and he was on the jv. Most of those kids didn't move into the district but claimed hardship or faked an address to get in. I have heard of parents who have had 'marital problems' and the father moves into an apartment in the desired district. After the child's sports season is done they miraculously reconciled and he moved back into the family home. That's an extreme example but if one or two come in it has a big impact on one or two local players and their families.
  2. Hard to argue that this isn't a tougher schedule than he would get playing at a ND high school.
  3. We were also told by some that donations would dry up when the Sioux name went away. Apparently that didn't happen either.
  4. I don't see Tyus Carter on the roster anymore. Did he leave the team?
  5. I cannot confirm that. There were some big dudes in that group.
  6. Am in GF today so I stopped by practice this morning. Not much to see with only helmets on today. Good tempo at practice and some good looking athletes.
  7. Decision on SCSU title IX suit. Not good for the admin Federal judge: St. Cloud State athletics fails to provide equal opportunity to women. http://strib.mn/3198usE
  8. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    Same for me coming from Twin Cities. Appreciate the Saturday game. Saves me 2 vacation days.
  9. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    I did get a receipt in the mail
  10. Might have been only a short term thing. Some years ago I tried making it at home. I was not impressed. From what I can find it was a thing for a while in late '60's. That would make sense regarding the timeline.
  11. I played youth hockey in there. I remember the concession stand selling hot Dr. Pepper. Not sure I have seen that anywhere else.
  12. Cary Eades twitter posts pop up every once in a while in my feed. Just a general observation - he sure likes posting picture of himself with his shirt off.
  13. Damn. Missed that one. Great response.
  14. Everyone on here has an opinion but who on the forum do you think is running the show at UND?
  15. Surprisingly it is a similar time frame as the last hockey National Championship we won as the Fighting Sioux. The year 2000.
  16. well - the Kennedy barrier is gone. Let's hope she wants to prove a point by writing a check to the university.
  17. Serious question - She said she was done contributing with Kennedy still there. How did the scoreboard get done? Was it committed before she said that or does she consider Engelstad foundation money a different pot vs what she referred to?
  18. More importantly has KEM written a big check yet?
  19. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    I wasn't intending to comment on that and I agree with you. I just don't believe that the staff neglected their duties in helping him remain eligible as another has stated.
  20. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    As I said - it could go the other way too. Being eligible to play football can be a motivator for getting your school work done too. As a college freshman - a year out is a long ways away. Having a short term goal can be more motivating.
  21. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    One of those two told me personally during the Bohl era that they had to refrain from reporting some things or they wouldn't be allowed near the locker room or team anymore.
  22. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    I don't understand the criticism of Bubba and staff for not setting Weah and others up for success when you have no idea what was done for them. I don't know all the details but I do know they provide a lot of academic support for the players and have for many years. I don't think playing in 2-4 games really took him away from his studies. As was stated on here earlier - having something to strive for athletically motivates a lot of kids to do their school work. At some point students have to do the work - nobody can do it for them. Unless it is the Gopher basketball team of the Clem Haskins era.
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