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  1. I have one in my office. Hung in my dads office forever and I got it when he retired.
  2. It's not going away but the above in bold has nothing to do with it. pinning the continuation of the chant on the pro sioux crowd is disingenuous.
  3. like my sister said - there are a lot of flip phones in the Alerus too.
  4. just opened the digital program from Drake game. would be tough to read at the game on a phone. lots of old people that couldn't manage that at all.
  5. wondering your opinion on why McKinney doesn't seem to be able to fill the burner WR role. I know he is playing a lot of rb this year but has played wr also.
  6. We are in a tough spot right now. We got a late start with the DI transition, When we finally transitioned we started off in a big hole and it's been tough to catch up. I'm don't believe in continued mediocrity but am also not convinced Bubba can't get it turned around.
  7. I've heard those people referred to as 'the chronically and habitually offended'
  8. It would be hard for it to be any other way since most (or nearly all) of the tickets are owned by Bison fans. I believe UND was allotted 500 tickets or so. It would be a heck of a story if it was UND fans selling Bison fan's season tickets.
  9. and yet here you are on a UND fan board in the middle of a football discussion and have posted on it how many times? "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
  10. I'm worried about this being a trap game for us with the SHSU game coming up in a week. Not being a rivalry game and all that.
  11. Half of our tailgating group was out of town. Went to Blue Moose Friday night and maybe 20 people in there. GF is empty on the holiday weekend.
  12. Exactly right. When I saw the SDSU OC tell his kids it was his fault on the sidelines it looked like he believed it and was taking responsibility. After the game Fleck said similar things from the podium about him owning the things that they didn't do well. He said "that's on me' 3 or 4 times but was just flinging bs. In the past he would say things like that and then follow up with the reasons why they happened and it always pointed back to the previous coaches.
  13. another SDSU TD called back on a penalty downfield
  14. a couple of big plays by MN is the difference right now. Otherwise SDSU has played them pretty even
  15. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    Crisis averted. Tailgate passes came in mail today. Cant wait for Saturday
  16. Siouxperman8

    2019 Season

    One critical question regarding the 2019 season - has anyone received their tailgating passes yet? I got my game tix last week but haven't seen my tailgating passes.
  17. I was there too and it was probably the worst game I have ever attended. It was like a nightmare happening in slow motion.
  18. I do have to say that I am not a fan of hs kids transferring for athletics. That's what college is for. I don't have any experience with being the parent of an elite player but I do as a parent of a good player who was displaced by kids that transferred. We had 5, 4 and 3 kids transfer to play basketball at my son's grade level during his freshman, sophomore and junior years. 12 new players that weren't there when the local kids were in 8th grade. That doesn't even count the ones that came in the grades around him. We had 40 kids playing travel basketball in his 8th grade class with two top playing at the top 'A' level. By their senior year there was only one still playing and he was on the jv. Most of those kids didn't move into the district but claimed hardship or faked an address to get in. I have heard of parents who have had 'marital problems' and the father moves into an apartment in the desired district. After the child's sports season is done they miraculously reconciled and he moved back into the family home. That's an extreme example but if one or two come in it has a big impact on one or two local players and their families.
  19. Hard to argue that this isn't a tougher schedule than he would get playing at a ND high school.
  20. We were also told by some that donations would dry up when the Sioux name went away. Apparently that didn't happen either.
  21. I don't see Tyus Carter on the roster anymore. Did he leave the team?
  22. I cannot confirm that. There were some big dudes in that group.
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