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  1. Our fans are the worst. Yeesh. good luck to jasper.
  2. thats a really weird thing to be upset about. Im guessing you are great at parties.
  3. apparently smith had a 20% scholly at the start.
  4. done, just a couple hundo from goal.
  5. You are what you despise the most. A Snowflake. Carry on.
  6. Some of you guys are so badass I am just honored to read your opinions. Keep it up. btw the nd sec of state website shows my ballot counted the day before it shows it was delivered. I had it back in the mail the same day I received it. Unless you think ND has been compromised too


    looks awesome, 115k is a bit steep though...
  8. how do you feel about women's rights to choose?
  9. yep, you got us.... just trying to earn a buck
  10. Google, Peer reviewed study. Take off tinfoil hat.
  11. Liver transplants are not the same thing as research done to determine treatment effectiveness of medications. apples and tomatoes
  12. That is not how medicine works. Unlike most other professions, the medical community shares treatment information, once vetted by the scientific process, for the good of all humans, not just the wealthy ones.
  13. no, today WAPO settled. He originally sued for 250M. he didnt disclose what he received. #fakesnark
  14. Sorry, probably was wrong thread to post in. Definitely a strange take out of context. I guess I’ve had enough of the politicized Sioux sports. Everyone thinks they know everything and thinks snark makes them Smarter or more whatever they’re trying to accomplish. carry on.
  15. this website has become toxic...its sickening to see people's real opinions when they can hide in relative anonymity. Go hawks.
  16. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2838888-the-nfl-nerds-are-right-that-the-running-game-is-overrated-but-it-still-matters This is what i was getting at. Running matters, but not as much as you think. Just because that was the prevailing mentality, doesn't mean it was correct.
  17. Analytics says that 'establishing the run' is generally counter productive. Teams that are successful should call plays with the highest probability of scoring, each time. Play action is as successful on teams that do not run the ball well as it is on 'rushing' teams.
  18. Even? Not what I watched. they’re lucky to have one.


    Why, you think tommy is gonna get in three more games and lose a year? people just like to bitch

    2019 Season

    Holm is planning to play next year.
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