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  1. MadScout03

    2019 UND Recruiting

    The 5 Ds...dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge. Anyone care to elaborate through PM?
  2. MadScout03

    Tailgating Info

    I doubt it. Last year we showed up early and drove right in. We were there before the guys checking passes were, so we ended up bringing our passes to them once they were set up.
  3. MadScout03

    2018 Season

    I just pulled up his intro press conference. He said people get it wrong a lot, but said it rhymes with one of the most outstanding student athletes ever to play here, so thank you Jonathan Toews.
  4. MadScout03

    2018 Season

    No idea. But if it’s anything like their college hockey team we route year in and year out, I’d imagine you’re correct.
  5. MadScout03

    2018 Season

    https://canadafootballchat.com/tag/rain-slater/ Yep, just found this. Disappointing.
  6. MadScout03

    2018-2019 Recruiting

    By shipping out a senior-to-be star player, who also happens to be from North Dakota? I don’t think so.
  7. MadScout03

    Spring Ball 2018

  8. MadScout03

    Early Signing Day

    Ahh yes, of course. Thanks.
  9. MadScout03

    Early Signing Day

    I didn't get the vibe that UNDFootball360 isn't happy with the class, but I'm not exactly sure what they're saying. What am I missing?
  10. MadScout03

    The Betty

    I’m asking what things make the Ralph so much better for basketball. Yes, the concourse is nice, but the Betty does have concessions around one if not both sets of temporary bleachers, which also stands as a concourse. I get the feeling I’m at an event when I walk in and see the action on the court, or the band playing, or the buzzers going off. I’d prefer to go to a packed Betty any day of the week than a half filled Ralph. You might have a true concourse at the Ralph, but half of it isn’t being used because of the lack of attendance. Looking down a dimly lit concourse with metal doors drawn over the unused concession stands doesn’t do much for me.
  11. MadScout03

    The Betty

    So if the seats and bar do nothing for you, what exactly makes the Ralph that much better than the Betty? The fascia ribbon board or the score board in the center of the court?
  12. MadScout03

    2017 Season

    Errors killed them in the 2nd set. 2-0 Minnesota
  13. MadScout03

    UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    I think it is, which makes me scratch my head even more.
  14. MadScout03

    UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    Their lack of interest is probably from the player introduction music. Talk about a snoozefest.
  15. MadScout03

    UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    If that game had been 2 minutes longer, the result would’ve flipped. UND was out hustled for most of the 2nd half and it showed.