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  1. A friend of mine is involved in the gameday meetings and has said the topic of moving the student section is being discussed. The lack of student attendance has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be. Hopefully they can get something figured out for next fall!
  2. The post game comments were great. It wasn't a bunch of coach speak...it was genuine and honest and frankly, refreshing to hear. It makes me think you're right...we could be in for a fun ride!
  3. When you’re down two scores and need a big play to turn the tide? What’s a better time?
  4. UND has blocked two punts recently but they’re putting zero pressure on the punter. If they’re going to have Griebel fair catch the ball at the 10, why not get after the punter?? I don’t get it.
  5. Before it split into two businesses, I'll agree, the service wasn't very good. But after the Pepper moved in, I seem to remember having pretty decent service and the food on their menu was still good, just limited. And when referring to an "upscale sports bar" if you mean a bar that offers more than Bud Light, Coors Light, and PBR, then you're right. Their beer selection was actually prettty good. When referring to BWW, I wouldn't exactly use the words "cheap beer" though. You'll pay damn near $8 a beer for anything other than the aforementioned.
  6. That's sad but not overly surprising. Every time I'd go back their menu got smaller and smaller, to the point where it was only Red Pepper food but served as combos instead of individually. I always thought the bbq was pretty good...not sure why it struggled.
  7. MadScout03

    2019 Season

    For those of us working stiffs who also pay for season tailgating passes, Thursday night games are not exacty preferred.
  8. There were times in the last couple of years where, while in the huddle, the play had clearly been called in, but the offense (no idea if it was Bubba or Rudy’s plan) seemed to just stand in the huddle and stare at each other while the play clock dwindled to around 12 seconds. To me, that’s not clock management...that’s a good way to never let your offense get into a rhythm. I agree that I don’t think they’ll go hurry-up, but I think there will definitely be some flow to their offense as opposed to 32-second breathers in between plays.
  9. They actually don’t play Houston again. 6 against Boston and 3 against the Yankees.
  10. MadScout03

    2019 Season

    It seemed like the raffle was publicized in the early rounds but went quiet as the rounds went on. I’m wondering if that had anything to do with the fact that a majority of the winners have direct ties to the football program...
  11. MadScout03

    Spring Ball

    I’ve been to three practices spread out over the spring and he has yet to put on a helmet, pads, or jersey. Mainly been in shorts and t-shirt on the sideline.
  12. MadScout03

    2019 Season

    Yep, you’re right. My bad. I didn’t see the per game part in there.
  13. MadScout03

    2019 Season

    I'd rather see the price per spot drop more than anything else. Reserved spots at the Alerus are 2 1/2 times the cost 75 miles south. It seems as though one facility is using tailgating as a way to make money, where the other is using it to build up gameday. Normal parking spots are $5...what makes a tailgating spot 10x the cost of a normal parking space? Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.
  14. MadScout03

    Spring Ball

    I was at practice today so I'll try my hand at a brief write-up. First of all, the new seats in the HPC look great. The seats were part of the building's plans, so they should look like they've always been there (and they do), but it was still nice to see them in person. Being elevated with a place to sit or stand with a narrow railing top to lean on was really nice. A lot of the morning was spent in drills. All four QBs got their turn. Boltman definitely gets the ball out quicker than the others but his accuracy was a bit off (lots of low and high throws). London is wearing John's #22, which will take some getting used to. He's got good size and speed. The backfield is going to be fun to watch. McKinney looked quick on both punt returns and running routes, as did Griebel. Tyler Burian had a couple of really nice catches along the sidelines. However, as a whole, there were a lot of drops by the WRs. I didn't watch the defense much in drills, but Canady had a nice pick late in the practice and Blubaugh made a great play and almost came up with a pick on the first play of live sessions. Overall, I can tell you this...this offense is going to have a lot of deception to it. Lots of moving parts to create space, where the skill positions will be giving opposing defenses a lot of different looks on the same play. The plays were called in and the guys lined up without hesitation, so I have to believe the playbook has been looked over plenty. One play that stood out to me happened right in front of where I was sitting. With trips left, the QB sent a WR in motion. It could've been a jet sweep but it wasn't. As he got to the other side of the line, he turned to line up, looking to run downfield, but as the ball was snapped, the WR continued moving right, while curling back for a pass. The play didn't even go to him, but he could've received the ball three different ways. I apologize for my poor terminology, but it was a lot of fun to see. These types of plays are going to keep defenses honest and hopefully prevent them from stacking the box as we so regularly saw in the recent past. That's all I have for now, so hopefully others will add to it.
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