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  1. I have to argue with you on this one. He knows as much about football as anyone in the arena. However, when your playing time is as limited as the band’s is, you take advantage of every opportunity you can. The Pride has had their playing time diminished over the years at both the Ralph and Alerus. If they choose not to play while UND has the ball, they won’t be playing much at all. This is an Alerus Center issue, not the marching band’s deal. I agree that it should be quiet when we’re on offense. No doubt. Stupid loud canned music being pumped in is about as frustrating as it gets. I’m a former Pride drum major and the only times I kicked off the band when the Sioux had the ball was after a 1st down and when a TO was called. Unfortunately they don’t have those kinds of liberties anymore because of all the commercials/events/promotions/recognitions/etc. Add this to the already growing list of issues at the Alerus.
  2. I think you have Romfo confused for Feeney. Feeney is clearly taller than both Tommy and Romfo.
  3. Wired Bean. Neat new place that also carries Sandy’s donuts.
  4. I saw that a couple weeks ago. Couldn't be more excited!
  5. They’ve been doing drive thru covid testing in the Alerus, so my guess is that after the game those floor panels go right back down. I cant imagine they’ll be there next fall.
  6. I’d be VERY surprised if there wasn’t a green jersey.
  7. That’s what I initially thought too...but check out his own follow up tweet. Alex puts things in perspective.
  8. A friend of mine is involved in the gameday meetings and has said the topic of moving the student section is being discussed. The lack of student attendance has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be. Hopefully they can get something figured out for next fall!
  9. The post game comments were great. It wasn't a bunch of coach speak...it was genuine and honest and frankly, refreshing to hear. It makes me think you're right...we could be in for a fun ride!
  10. When you’re down two scores and need a big play to turn the tide? What’s a better time?
  11. UND has blocked two punts recently but they’re putting zero pressure on the punter. If they’re going to have Griebel fair catch the ball at the 10, why not get after the punter?? I don’t get it.
  12. Before it split into two businesses, I'll agree, the service wasn't very good. But after the Pepper moved in, I seem to remember having pretty decent service and the food on their menu was still good, just limited. And when referring to an "upscale sports bar" if you mean a bar that offers more than Bud Light, Coors Light, and PBR, then you're right. Their beer selection was actually prettty good. When referring to BWW, I wouldn't exactly use the words "cheap beer" though. You'll pay damn near $8 a beer for anything other than the aforementioned.
  13. That's sad but not overly surprising. Every time I'd go back their menu got smaller and smaller, to the point where it was only Red Pepper food but served as combos instead of individually. I always thought the bbq was pretty good...not sure why it struggled.
  14. MadScout03

    2019 Season

    For those of us working stiffs who also pay for season tailgating passes, Thursday night games are not exacty preferred.
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