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  1. A little concerning. Different players but had a last year look to the PP. Coaching?
  2. Berry presser yesterday. Said Michaud is “relentless” in practice which is rubbing off on the younger players like Pinto. Said Blaisdell is also practicing with that same “tenacity”, mentioned Senden and Smith in the same sentence. Also said Canisius played more physical and heavier than us and prevented good looks
  3. ^^ All of this. I hope the players took the off-season seriously. Stronger, faster, mental toughness, skill, smarts, and play with an edge without crossing it.
  4. Songs crowds love to sing always work. I was at Ohio State vs Michigan football game when they played Sweet Caroline as the fans rushed the field. 110,000 singing it at once was pretty cool. not sure what other songs fit the bill
  5. A crowd on the same page is a lot of fun. The standing O is definitely a good example. Just need the music guy to help and not hinder.
  6. Honest question, I live way out of state so haven’t attended for some time, but does this ever happen?: Crowd starts a “let’s go Hawks” chant but then are kind of shouted down by a “let’s go Sioux” chant, so then everyone decides to be quiet? Or maybe each group refuses to join the other so the result is anemic, and the best players at the top college program play in silence. If I was a player or recruit it would seem kind of weird. I have no idea if that happens but if so it would be an example of harm vs jerseys, nostalgia, and discussion.
  7. Not making the tourney again would be a disaster for this program. We will be better because of changes around the program but likely not where we should be. If our alumni, president, AD, and coach buy in to us being great we will. A lot of that is recruiting budgets and salaries, but another is having an AD and head coach with the knowledge of how an elite program works: Intense recruiting, intense off season conditioning (we may be lacking here), technology, coaching, motivation etc. I like Berry and would love it if he succeeded but he just now moved to morning practices because he saw it works at other schools, that’s good but he may be too far behind the curve and might not be the guy. I see how athletes train in weight rooms at elite programs and it’s insanely intense; and the mental toughness coaches instill into players is off the charts. Are we doing this? Maybe, but it’s seems to be maybe not. Coaching and training at that level is not for everyone. It truly takes an unusual individual to motivate athletes to literally skate into a wall or make a tackle at full speed on a kickoff. I’d think commits to this program, maybe more than any other, expect to be pushed to their limits and become champions and have a shot at the NHL. It just takes the right people with the knowledge and ability to make that happen.
  8. All of this is true. But I much prefer loud synth music. Clever, fun, or loud isn’t necessary when it’s all done for us. I also really hope we keep the same goal song, I love it and mixing it up would be confusing.
  9. The Sioux vs Hawks neurosis will fade. I just hope the program isn’t hurt much more in the meantime. Athletes are literally asked to run full speed into a wall. As a former athlete, I believe to a 19 yr old it would be weird and a little disheartening playing for fans who are seemingly more concerned about a name than the players. Sioux jerseys are great, it’s a legacy; shouting down a name at events is harmful. Any adult should know this. As a person who was disappointed with the loss of Sioux, I would wear a Hawk suit and do a polka on the ice if it meant another national championship.
  10. Alabama using phone app to award students who stay to the end of the game. Has its flaws and not sure if it could apply to UND but everything should at least be explored https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/alabama-is-tracking-students-locations-to-penalize-them-for-leaving-football-games-early/ar-AAHczdQ?li=BBnba9I
  11. Sounds like a job well done. I agree with you. Was just wondering your reasoning since you identified yourself to be on one side of a blurry spectrum I think the words liberal and conservative encompasses too broad a scope of ideas to be accurate indicators of a person’s belief system. I believe people who nit-pic mascots like Pioneer have personal issues well outside of politics. I’d hope common sense wins out over the need of the <1% who want to feel important
  12. Agree 100%. Crowd chants are way more important than music. The person with the music button should be aware and never shut down a cheer. Music has a place but people come to be part of the game, not be forced to remain silent. (No offense to our DJ friend)
  13. If you were King of Hockey, what would you change, impose, or otherwise decree to make REA the best fan experience in the college hockey kingdom? (Other than winning of course)
  14. Glad to hear you change it up and good point on the age of the players. An observation and a couple questions: I’ve found the insanely loud and constant music like we hear in several arenas is not only painful but has the unintended consequence of taking out the crowd by shutting down all spontaneous cheers/chants. Season ticket holders and regulars at Nationwide wear earplugs and would like to catch the DJ alone . When the music starts everyone sits down. To be fair I haven’t been to a UND game in 4 yrs but I feel fortunate to get a DJ’s opinion: what do you think about recorded music vs a college band? What would happen with the crowd and atmosphere if recorded music (except for warm ups and limited situations) wasn’t used at UND? TIA for a response
  15. I don’t know UND’s or St Cloud’s HDC per attempt either 5v5 or PP but based on all the bad “puck luck” I’d guess ours isn’t good. That’s something coaching can help.
  16. Nothing shuts down a crowd like ear damaging clown crazy music. Might as well tell the crowd to sit down and stfu because our fake energy is better than your real energy. We will tell you when to make noise, be loud, be happy, or stand up. The NHL arena I attend is literally like sitting directly in front of Metallica’s speakers for 3 hours.
  17. Well done! Doesn’t load on iTunes for me but Spotify works perfectly. Especially enjoyed the Schlossman episode regarding incoming players and coach search.
  18. I do like the duties and the order they are listed. Critical hire Duties Helping in weight training and conditioning practice US or international recruitment Preparing of game Managing of practice/game Game film analysis Scouting of opponents Other related tasks Qualifications Bachelor's degree 8 years of coaching experience Valid driver's license Successful criminal record background check
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