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  1. Classically polarizing statement. My non-white business associate is almost gleeful about the projected disappearance of white people. I’m socially liberal so I guess he thought it was acceptable to say it out loud. Tell someone you want their racIal demographic to “disappear’”, you create a voting block, then call them racist.
  2. I don’t think that was part of the raised hand questions. He did recently team with Sanders on the “unity platform” which creates a path to citizenship for arguably 11 million illegals which I suppose is also a path to vote. I don’t anything about “path” requirement.
  3. I saw the healthcare hand raise and the same with decriminalize border crossings. Didn’t see one on voting. However I missed some of the debates
  4. Gotcha. Similar handle and just as ornery. Thought you were him or his doppelgänger.
  5. Duke have we met on another board that was focused on a very good football team?
  6. Shouldn’t count non-tested people. Hospitalizations/positive is lower than the official number. But doesn’t change that the count is significantly higher than reported. My daughter was tested C19 positive last week. (fever, respiratory issues for 9 days). She caught it from her husband who got it from his sister while visiting his mom and sister, who got it from sister’s daughter who caught it from her father on his rotation day. Of that grouponly three were tested (the father, his daughter, and my daughter. All are sick but no point for the other 3 to test unless they hospitalized. It’s common for only one family member in the same household to test. Same with a circle of friends.
  7. You live the way you choose. I get that. I assume there’s been times in your life you’ve done something very good that’s helped define you?
  8. Surgeon General and CDC desperate to maintain control over the mask supply lied to everyone. Rather than just say, ‘professionals need 95s, please make your own, they are useful”, the SG tweeted one of the biggest lies and blunders of modern history: “Seriously people—STOP BUYING MASKS“ Then he added the the lie, “They are NOT effective preventing the general public from catching the #coronavirus”, then the epic fail in lie logic, “But if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!” Wait what? It gets better though, a week later on Face The Nation he doubled down with, “Masks don’t work” (wait for it, wait for it) “for the general public” Of course the SG and CDC restated policy after the CDC had a steady supply of masks. That tweet and statement changed the world. While China, Korea, Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others effectively shut down their virus spread with mandatory (homemade or otherwise) masks and then reopened their economies, we sat around and collectively argued about masks. And here we are.
  9. Elizabeth Warren likely gets a seat at the table. If she becomes Treasury Secretary he loses support from big tech, big banks, and on-the-fence owners of 401ks and IRAs.
  10. Goldman analysts estimate masks until a vaccine would change GDP 5% to the good and get people to work. Honestly I don’t care, I have a job and masks are infringing. Low wage service workers and single mothers should have gone to college, not my problem.
  11. No way, my civil liberties are already compromised by stop signs.
  12. Exactly. At-risk people are afraid of dying, so that they can live. Therefore they are raging, raging against the dying of the light. That however, is crazy selfish of the ragers with asthma, cancer, diabetes, spleen issues, sickle cell, HBP, have an immune condition, are over 60, or are pregnant. Please stop the annoying raging and just die already, so others can live, live without a mask 8 months.
  13. Agree, a very narrow path. Dems need to pick up a couple traditional states and it’s over. Ex: Pa, Mi, and Wi. Get a turnout in some key districts and we have a new president But there’s been some oddities: Bush and Trump defied polls. Supposedly AA males shifted just enough toward Trump to make a national difference; seems counterintuitive given recent events but I see valid arguments why that could continue. Trump and Bush motivated the base so we'll see. 2020 may go to the Dems. Independents broke for Trump, but Independents also traditionally vote against the party in the White House. Fwiw, Pew says Independents lean left 17 vs 13%. But I’ve also found young males in group settings can be misleading about who they support. Biden and Trump can both be their own worst enemies, Trump is Trump, but Joe Biden is the least interesting man since Dukakis and has yet to holster his own Mayberry issue service revolver. But most importantly people vote their pocketbooks and the jury is still out
  14. Some N95s have valves, most currently available do not. None of the KN95s I’ve seen have valves. Chinese standard KN95s are readily available to the public but due diligence is required; the FDA authorized KN95s as “respirators” April 2020 because the filtration was similar to our NIOSH N95s and our N95s were scarce. BUT, many KN95s tested per OSHA direction by independent labs did not meet standards and lost the “respirator” designation. Some of those are still being sold unscrupulously as KNs. This is the list of manufacturers who lost the FDA authorization: • CTT Co. Ltd. • Daddybaby Co. Ltd. • Dongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. • Guangdong Fei Fan Mstar Technology Ltd. • Guangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co. Ltd. • Huizhou Huinuo Technology Co. Ltd. • Lanshan Shendun Technology Co.
  15. Exactly, ‘Opposite, most, and least’, are accurate or not depending on interpretation, parameter, category, source, date, and whatever point the author wants to make. A small example, do the stats reflect the federal $ placed into multiple Native American reservations who are also somewhat independent entities from the state? I have no idea, I doubt you did either. FWIW Standing Rock receives about 80 million federal aid not counting infrastructure and education, if that’s any kind of valid multiplier. Tap ‘State Dependency’ column in this link and ND moves to 44, California 36. Statistics and damn statistics. We can all chime in with indisputable proof of our beliefs. Tangental discussion at best. I only threw in 2 cents because you did. Back to covid and racism.
  16. I guess we can all throw sources around and you can post another but we are talking about North Dakota not Alabama. According to the NY Comptroller’s Office North Dakota is # 2 behind California for net contributor. This for 2016. Let’s not forget ND’s energy and agricultural industries pay a few taxes. # 2 oil producer and lead the nation in 9 crops produced by less people than greater Columbus Ohio https://www.moneytips.com/is-your-state-a-net-payer-or-a-net-taker/356
  17. People have made good points, but your posts put this in context of a faceted problem with complex solutions and you are making way too much sense.
  18. Unless Victor Hedman is draped all over him..
  19. Since neither of us are epidemiologists I suppose this is about equally relevant
  20. He didn’t say he was in favor or not in favor. Said expectation of a vaccine by fall was a bridge too far, explained the expectation of treatment, and explained the metric for reopening would be capability to respond rather the level of case spike. Actually fairly positive by his standards.
  21. Not a big Fauci fan but he said a for students to “feel comfortable” they’d need a vaccine but the likelihood of a vaccine would be “a bridge too far”, and that student treatment in September would likely be “passive treatment with convalescent serum” rather than Remdesivir which has “only moderate” efficacy. Said that opening up the economy and schools would be less dependent on the spiking of cases, but more depending on a state’s or school’s “capability to respond”. So he didn’t take the side of not reopening schools. Said it pretty straight up.
  22. SJW feigned outrage. POTUS response would obviously be the same if she was green. Next
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