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Hakstol/UND Article on NHL.com


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"Dave knew the system and the town, and most important the guys wanted to play for him," said Providence Bruins winger Brandon Bochenski, who etched another line in Sioux lore when he, Drew Stafford (now with Buffalo) and Zach Parise (New Jersey) lit it up in Hakstol's last season as an assistant.

Considering that Stafford, Parise and Bochenski only started one game together as a line during the 03-04 season, I'm not quite sure how that line got etched into Sioux hockey lore. :ohmy:

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"He's got a 12,000-seat arena sold out every game; that's the biggest sport in North Dakota. The hockey program pays for all the other sports at that school. They deserve to have a good coach, and Dave Hakstol's a good coach."

I believe this answers the question from another thread (that I can't find right now).

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"The people in the president's office were willing to step forward as an institution and say; 'We're willing to solidify this staff.' That means a lot."

Let's see, when Hak's contract got done Kupchella was in Slobovia (I think that's right :crazy: ).

Only one other person has an office in that suite of offices on 3rd floor Twamley.

I'd guess Hak just tipped his hand on who got a contract done for Hak.

Thanks to the UND Vice President of General Administration.

(I'd speculated before that it was Harmeson; this confirms my beliefs.)

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