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  1. Looking for tickets for the Denver series this weekend. will take between 2-4 tickets if you dont want to split them up. Please let me know by email. dhoime89@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. I will be there! GO SIOUX!!!
  3. We will tell our kids and Grand kids about what we did to save the Fighting Sioux nickname! For the Tradition. For The Passion. For all of the People who have loved the name, past and present. We are not going to just let it be taken away! We have lost enough by letting these PC clowns get their way! We will fight for our Fighting Sioux. There are many of those who just say "Fine, Im tired of this, you win." Thats not the Fighting Sioux way! Thats not the American way! We will fight it till the end to show how North Dakota does it! Screw the Gophers! If they are really into themselves that much and think they are above everybody else, Screw em! It will work itself out once the issue is settled and we know the name is staying or going. Time will tell. I dont see why the legislature would go through all of this work if it wouldn't be legit once it got passed... Although, it is the Government, so who knows. Fighting Sioux Forever!
  4. There is nothing like it! Best smell in the world!
  5. Looking for 1 ticket for friday vs UNO. PM me if you have one. Thanks!
  6. i think the trip to alaska will only help us. Bemidji did not play last weekend and may not be used to game speed yet. i guess we will have to see. Go Sioux!
  7. OK OK. But we can speculate about the Athletic part right? or is that against forum rules? I just hope all this hype is not overblown!
  8. Nice try but you are eliminating the best part of having the two schools: The Rivalry!!! Although right now its down it will be back. People are not going to back a 50000 seat stadium in Hillsboro. none of this makes any sense. Im glad your thinking to better the state, but lets try to be real.
  9. And Since we have tripled the National Debt and A president apologizing to all the Nations that we are America,While we Disarm our Defenses and have a Healthcare bill that nobody who voted for it even read.... Good Move. Thanks for your vote!
  10. Bump. Lets show the nation that we are not giving up without a fight. Tell everyone you know about this rally, i would love to see the numbers in the thousands! Per Danielle S I just wanted to send out a msg to let everyone know that if you do not live on campus there will be parking available to us at the Chester Fritz! To all UND studends that live in the area or at any of the dorms your asked to walk to University Park. If you are NOT a UND student we ask that you park at the Chester Fritz walk down to the southwest corner of University Park where we will all gather for the start of the walk. Some ideas that have been brought to my attention for signs are: "Fighting Sioux Forever", "Let the Sioux be heard", "Promote Demovracy", and "Promote Sioux Vote". This will bring a positive vibe to the event and that's what we are all hoping for!! Please no disrespectful or negative signs. CANDLES- If you have candles that you would like to bring by all means PLEASE do!! This will help to keep a warm environment. NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR- Plain and simply will NOT be tolerated Thanks to all those that support the event and I can't wait to see everyone out there!! Danielle
  11. http://www.ndus.nodak.edu/sbhe/default.asp?ID=384 we can start by emailing everyone of these people! Let them know how you feel and attach Fool Bear's letter... Its a start.
  12. Wow, this guy is amazing! Rise up to the challenge Sioux Supporters!
  13. Please go away! The last thing we need is you stirring up trouble during the game.
  14. I really want MacWilliams to put that Joe Little guy in his place. No room for that Gopher style celebration in hockey!
  15. I have no idea! But it was an amazing time walking through the hallways at the Excel after the Sioux games. The cheers were loud and high fives were easy to come by. Wow it feels good to be a Sioux fan!
  16. Im three rows from the ice in the student section and the Crowd police came down probablya dozen times to make us sit down. They said we can stand if we get the whole crowd to stand. That rarely happens.. Come on Sioux Fans!!!
  17. http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?o...amp;id=29417572 LIKE!
  18. From what i have heard he has not even really skated since the injury. Would he even be able to get back to game condition in a couple weeks? I doubt we will see him again this year.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITd8XYiiviA Look out St Clown! The team thats coming this weekend is not the happiest buch of men. Marvin, You may see a couple fists to the face!
  20. Agreed, i saw many folks leaving halfway through the third. I hate that more than anything!
  21. I dont like how the play is going this period!
  22. Any Updates on the Beaver, Ohio St Game?
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