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  1. Did you sell these? I have a friend looking for 4 packages, but 2 is a start. Dawn
  2. Quilting convention...not so much. Home with son for Drs appointment that he couldn't miss, doing year-end work, keeping track of kid, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and countless other things I could list. Drs appt, was main reason though. Will see you next weekend though.
  3. Bob, that sounds like dirty camera talk to me.
  4. Al Pearson will be taking a bus.
  5. I have 4 tickets in the UND section. Section 113 Row 4 Seats 3-4-5-6. Will sell all 4 together, or split 2/2. Selling at face value, $23.50 each. Daughter has a basketball tournament that day, so we can't go. PM me or call/text 218-779-5786 Thanks
  6. Siouxmama


    Well, if I get it for you now, I won't have to listen to you whine for 11 months.
  7. Siouxmama


    My daughter spotted those right away (on Facebook). She is BEGGING me every day for a Frattin jersey for her birthday. I'm going to have to listen to this for a long time, since her birthday isn't till August 15th. Now she has her brother asking for a Genoway jersey for his birthday in September. God, grant me patience....
  8. Can anyone tell me what they are chanting in Philly? This game tonight is really good, other than Buffalo blowing a 3 goal lead.
  9. Siouxmama

    did I miss

    Mother Nature has PMS. She is really pi$$ing me off, too.
  10. When I went to the box office to get my Ice Breaker tickets, she told me there was NO increase in prices this year for season tickets. I'm gonna date myself a bit here, but wasn't there a band (bar type of band) called Ice Breaker?
  11. So you are saying, if this would be NDSU's fight, you'd be ready to concede and give up the school nickname (Bison) that you love?
  12. So the money for the 4 tickets I "bought" will be in their hands, even if I don't get picked in the lottery? Will my credit card be charged now? On my confirmation sheet, it did say "amount charged to your credit card".
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