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UN* vs DU: Where's the D?


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39 minutes ago, 90siouxfan said:

you get crap for communicating like a grade school drop out and act like getting high quality recruits is just all about wanting them...

Of course there is more to it - like selling our program, tradition, facilities, fan base, high profile destination games, player development, and the chance to be in the hunt every year.  If our coaches can't do that then we need new coaches.  Of course things have changed but when we are going to St. Clown and expecting to get our a**** kicked there is something not right. 

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17 hours ago, cowboys5xsbs said:


Can someone who watched the game help me out. I heard this skirmish on the radio on my way to a friends surprise birthday party and finally saw the replay today, but just the action, not what followed. Hennessey was obviously describing the action that started with Caponi's cheap shots. 

So the refs went into the video review to determine whether Caponi should get a major for head contact. Did Denver ask for a review of a possible missed major on Hain or had a linesman see it and brought it to refs attention because they obviously did not call a penalty on Hain during live action as UND had control of the puck and play continued. Because if neither of these things happened I am pretty sure the rulebook does not allow you to find a penalty that you had missed while looking at a play that happened 10 seconds later unless either the linesman had brought it to your attention or Denver bench had asked for a review for a possible major as they can't review for a possible minor penalty they missed

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10 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Yeah, but we're doing better on the not giving up goals in the first or last two minutes of periods.:whistling:

Adding 15-52 seconds on the opposite side of the 2: still leaves plenty of room for improvement. 

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