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5 hours ago, Sweethockey said:

Streamed the game in my fish house last night, will again tonight. Clear as a bell. Ran it on my iPhone hooked to a 40” Samsung tv. I will say that the video production at the Ralph is a million times better than any other NCHC rink! 

Which did you do more of

drink beer

catch fish

watch hockey goals

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40 minutes ago, Blackheart said:

Kinda like their team? :whistling:

I can confirm that Miami still has a substandard webcast with a better picture. The camera person was still having trouble tracking the puck or filming the player's bench from the upper deck. 

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Last night was the first time I watched a home game on nchc tv since I'm out of town and the Ralph/Midco production was night and day better than any stream I've watched this year. The other road series I've watched have been borderline unwatchable with all the buffering and horrible snowy coverage! Last weekend, my feed would pause and buffer every 20-30 seconds for a decent amount of time. It gave me a headache trying to watch. 

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This season, I noticed that the stream starts out kinda fuzzy, and then snaps into a better resolution (or at least looks more clear) after a while. Like 5-10 minutes. I never get any buffering, so I do not think it is a bandwidth issue, and when I am watching the game, nothing else is streaming.

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On 1/29/2022 at 8:31 AM, Goon said:

I was watching the Miami vs Denver webcast in the press box before the game, and the feed went dark for about five minutes. The Miami webcast is still substandard. 


I can confirm that the DU vs. MU webcast was brutal. There needs to be a minimum standard. I was watching the game on my laptop before both UND games against SCSU. Here's a screen shot from the webcast in question. The webcast went blank for about five minutes both nights. I confirmed with my sister, and she said the same thing.

chrome-capture (6).jpg

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