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  1. Omaha won't make the most hated list but if there was a most pathetic list, they would be at the top.
  2. Omaha wants to be a major rival of ours, if they can't do it by talent they will try do it by whining.
  3. Omaha has been slashing and pounding on Michaud all night, it appears that they have the intent to injure.
  4. The game is on Midco channel 624, right now.
  5. I remember in 1997 we only needed a point on the final weekend at Denver, and came away with none. Then we ended up sharing the titlle with the goofs.
  6. They need to beat the other team and the refs!!
  7. His team mates, including his brother, were not concerned one bit that he may be hurt. Hmmm, not un-expected dive?
  8. Factor in that Security keeps the students from getting too wild at the new Ralph. If they had sections like other arenas, where there was no one behind the students, that would help too. The way it is set-up currently, they will probably never be allowed to be rowdy.
  9. If this game continues as is, it may serve the team well to remember, and not to let it happen again.
  10. Wow! I thought it would be a close game that would result in a loss, but 4 goals on 8 shots is just WOW!!
  11. The UMASS coach stated that Trivigno was just defending himself, he better review the tape. The bottom feeder team making it to the championship game is a great story line, but how about earning it. Hope UMD plays a great game.
  12. The lady is Leah Hextall, cousin of Ron Hextall.
  13. Bowling Green stopped trying to score and were happy to get the puck deep....WTH
  14. Mankato is close to St Cloud, must be something in the water......
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