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24 minutes ago, Brett0909 said:


I personally like the trip to Bemidji, easy to get around, nice fans and area, cool arena. Yes, the games are slow, tight, and not the most entertaining. I don’t disagree with anything here, but I think having to learn how to win this type of game, play frustrated, and find ways to generate offense might be exactly what this team needs and why the admin continues scheduling them. They know what they’re getting every year, especially early, and believe these games are good for the team despite the Pairwise implications. The team does fine in wide open games when things are going well, but when they start struggling offensively the last couple years, they tended to not stick with it and never find a way to break through. I think bemidji is a boring style of hockey, but one they need to know how to play and beat, because there are plenty of other tournament worthy teams that will play a similar style. Avoiding it and playing only “the fun” games could bite them in multiple ways later on. 

I agree. These types of games will only help in the long run. Granted they make the tourney they could run into a team with a similar style as BSU. 

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1 hour ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

I like the annual BSU games in that they are close/a neighbor.  Good for the sport in the area!

I rather not schedule games like Canisius, UAH, and so on? Loosing to anyone hurts!

Absolutely. Better to have BSU on the schedule over UAH, or pretty much any AHA team that isn't Air Force.  Also allows for an easy travel destination for red river valley fans.

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